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Wednesday, July 20, 2022 (Discounted Deals)

Whitney Smith always knew her aunt and uncle didn’t love her. It’s no surprise when she learns they sold her to Sheldon Walker to pay off their gambling debts. Adventure tells her to answer an ad from a sheriff in Montana looking for a wife in time for Christmas. Desperation tells her to steal the mans’ address and flee—taking her pet chicken, Daisy along for the ride—on the next train, not caring that he’s not exactly expecting her.

Sheriff Clayton McClain doesn’t wish to spend another holiday alone. Although no one has responded to his ad just yet, he’s hopeful someone will soon. What he doesn’t expect is for one of those ladies to show up—and with a pet chicken no less—knocking on his door. Instinct says she’s on the run, and he can’t help but want her to stay.

Along with her new life starting in Montana, Whitney distracts herself with their wedding and preparing for their first Christmas together. She’s forgotten all about the deal her family made. When a storm rolls in, trapping Whitney and Clayton in his mountain cabin, she believes it’s a blessing. Snow and ice are no match for Sheldon Walker, however, who has come looking for her. And has found her.

Can Clayton protect Whitney from the man threatening to take her away or will Sheldon take back the woman he paid for?


Francine Mulder’s life in 1878 has experienced a series of ups and downs—all because she allowed one of the benefactors of the Albany Elite Academy for Girls to raise a hope that she can attract a man willing to marry a spinster math and science teacher. She received a letter in effeminate handwriting. Was the letter from him, or did a woman write on his behalf? After taking the chance that she might like the physical science instructor better once she learns more about him―assuming he chooses to personally respond―she takes the chance and answers. She even travels to Denver and attaches herself to an all-female scientific expedition so she will have more to write about that he might find interesting. All summer she waits in vain for a reply. Just before the autumn term starts, she receives a letter but not from the same man.

Jason Sewell, a full professor of science and astronomy at the University of Iowa, is a widower with no interest in the young female students who often flock around him. He has no intention to marry again. Then, he takes a trip to Rawlins, Wyoming to view a total solar eclipse. During the weeks of hunting and exploring that follows, his friend—from whom his mother extracted a promise that a letter from a girls’ academy teacher would be answered before the end of the summer—hands him the letter. As a wedding gift for his friend, he promises to respond. Months later, wondering if Francine will fill the void in his life, he invites her to spend her Christmas break in Iowa City.

Before Francine can travel to Iowa to meet Jason in person, she must keep a promise. Serving a figgy pudding made using a centuries-old recipe to the girls who cannot return to their homes for the Christmas holiday has become a school tradition. Can she win Jason’s heart by serving him the same Christmas dessert?


When sixteen-year-old Aubergine’s parents uproot her from the posh NYC life to live off-grid in a tiny home, she reaches out to the only person available for friendship—the boy-next-door.

Aubergine White, a talented ballerina and a self-professed mean girl, who enjoys all the advantages of being a gorgeous, rich girl at her elite New York City private school, seems to have it all, until her parents get fed up with the hustle of city life and whisk her a thousand miles away to homestead off-grid in Montana.

Soon after arriving in her exile from upscale fashion boutiques and classical theatre, Abs learns she needs a career-ending ankle surgery which leaves her completely devastated. She receives no empathy or guidance from her parents as her father is preoccupied with the on-going care of her mother’s mental health.

Aubergine’s life changes for the better when she befriends the neighbor, Fulton. Fulton was the biggest dork at her old school, but now that she is forced to spend time with him, she finds him to be kind, patient and most importantly, he shows her the compassion she had been missing. Just when she starts to trust him, a new wound is opened when Fulton finds a way to move back to New York. She becomes determined to get a one-way ticket back to the city and she is holding on to the hope that her old life—and her former boy next door—will be waiting for her when she gets there.

A clean and wholesome, coming-of-age story about close proximity enemies who become allies and then, maybe more . . .


Love is ageless… Especially at Christmastime in Cardinal Point.
Donna Calfee’s had a couple of lonely years since her husband died—God rest his soul. With her son far from Cardinal Point and the family furniture store becoming less fun and less profitable, she wonders if it’s time to sell out and move on. She always wanted to travel and play with her grandchildren, but the first isn’t fun to do alone, and no babies are on the way. Wesley Lawrence has made millions as the well-known Recliner King of Texas. With a chain of furniture stores across the state, he gets his kicks taking over independent businesses and absorbing them into his empire. With his fourth wife’s departure and their ugly divorce, he escapes the scrutiny of his personal life to hide out in Cardinal Point. What’s more fun at Christmastime than making a small-town owner an offer she can’t refuse?
But Wesley didn’t count on Donna Calfee’s shrewd and stubborn streak, and she didn’t count on enjoying The Recliner King’s company. Maybe with a little manipulation at holiday time, they can strike a mutually beneficial deal. But is it all strictly business?


She is the other half of his Red Stick spirit. He is the only warrior who stands between her and slaughter.

On a moonless night in 1813, Adela McGirth encounters a set of wolves and the steely eyed warrior who slays them, branding himself on her heart. When he returns, it’s with a brand of a different sort—the flaming arrow that destroys her life.

A warrior driven by passion and honor, Totka Lawe will do what he must to expel land-hungry whites from tribal land. Razing a fort to ash and rubble is no impediment—not compared to saving the copper-haired captive who has haunted his thoughts since that peculiar night beneath the blackberry moon.

When she takes his heart captive, he vows he would die ten deaths to protect her, and he would kill any who tried to steal her away. With bluecoat soldiers in pursuit him, a jealous cousin in pursuit of her, and the woman herself in pursuit of home, that vow stands a serious chance of being called into action

Can he win over her trust before the world tears them apart?


This short story is a prequel to the “Mail-order Brides of America” series. 

Elizabeth is from a very prestigious family in North Carolina. She falls in love with Thomas when she is 16 and they marry a few years later. Elizabeth is so happy to have found love and is excited to start a family. One of her greatest wishes is to be a mother.

She soon finds that she is expecting a child, but complications arise and she is hit with a great heartache when her baby dies. Thomas has a difficult time seeing her suffering and decides to take matters into his own hands, helping her see that life sometimes can take a different course than planned, but that path can be a good one. 

When Elizabeth finally understands and sees Thomas’ vision of their future, she embraces it. With Thomas’ help, they open their home to orphan girls in honor of their daughter. Throughout the ensuing years, they help many young girls have a better life, and some of them become mail-order brides that choose husbands who live different places in the United States.


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Friday, July 15, 2022 (Discounted Deals)

“All is fair in love and the Pear Pie Wars.”

Tori Bevan must have heard her grandmother say that phrase more times than she could count growing up on Bevan Pear Farms. Every year Grandma Bevan went for the coveted Clarksville Pear Festival Best Pear Pie award. And every year she’d lose to Ben Holden—the owner of Holden Acres, another pear farm and her enemy for over seventy years. Tori believes this year she has the blue ribbon in the bag. Only one problem stands in her way . . . Dane Holden, Ben’s grandson, waltzing back in town, much to Tori’s disliking.

Dane Holden never had an interest in his grandparent’s pear farm. He moved away a long time ago with no plans to ever go back to his small hometown. However, after a couple of poor business deals leave the young entrepreneur jobless and homeless, he has no choice but to say yes when his grandpa asks him to come home for the festival.

Just when the sparks begin to fly between Tori and Dane, Dane’s past comes back to haunt him, throwing a curve ball in Tori’s plans for the festival and contest. Will the Holden’s claim another coveted blue ribbon, or will a new champion reign over this year’s festival?


After Honorine Camden is jilted, leaving her stunned and sparking a scandal in her tiny London borough of Wallflower, she’s devastated. But when she overhears her father, the stationmaster, talking about arranging a party for their newly-minted underground railway station, she volunteers to help. Although she’s intrigued with the handsome Irish assistant stationmaster, Shane MacIntyre, she never expects to fall head-over-heels in love with him. Unfortunately, one tragic accident might derail everything.


Can true love mend broken hearts?

Read these three full-length novels in the Fulton Ridge Christian romance series and see what draws these couples closer together.

Book 1: The Promotion


She’s climbing the ladder. He’s hit rock bottom. Can unselfish love bring them together?

Adam struggles to reclaim his life after the death of his brother. While he knows he should trust his faith, he turns to the bottle instead. But a chance meeting with an ambitious beauty inspires purpose, happiness, and something more…

Benita won’t rest until she’s reached the top. But with her next promotion opportunity in Spain, she hopes Adam can help her learn a second language. As she studies with every waking moment, she’s surprised how often thoughts of her tutor dance across her mind.

What will happen if she gets the job? Adam’s heart plunges at the thought of Benita moving halfway across the world.

Can they help each other and find a place where love wins at last?

The Promotion is the first heartwarming novel in the Fulton Ridge clean and wholesome Christian romance series. If you like strong female characters, simmering chemistry, and a relationship founded in faith, then you’ll love Laura Domino’s sweet love story.

Read The Promotion to learn the language of love today!

Book 2: The Iceberg


Curtis wants to build his catering business, not get distracted by the beautiful woman next door. When his business partner’s penchant for betting catapults him into an unexpected date with Hannah, Curtis falls in love.

Hannah wants to be left alone in her cocoon of reading and gardening. She never asked to have her life of solitude interrupted. Her heart isn’t ready. Time hasn’t healed all wounds. How will she let go of her past and give love another chance?

Read The Iceberg to see how love melts their hearts.

Book 3: The Renovation


Donovan hasn’t dated since he wrecked the last two attempts. But when he sees Elizabeth, he rethinks his ‘no dating’ policy.

Starting over in a new town means Elizabeth needs to build friendships. When her roommate invites her to join the home improvement ministry, she gets more than she bargained for.

Even though she gets a warning to stay away from her new best friend’s ex-boyfriend, she discovers that romance can be kind, healing, hopeful, and persevering.

Life in Fulton Ridge gets better until gossips ruin her plans.

Read The Renovation to find out how Donovan and Elizabeth work together to tear down the walls gossips are building between them.


A secret Farmhouse full of surprises 

Amanda Winfield´s world is turned upside down when her father passes away. She is thrown a curveball at the reading of his will – it becomes clear that he had secrets. Her beloved father has left a farm in Colorado that nobody knew about, to both her and an unknown woman. Who is she? Why did he not tell them of the farm’s existence?

Amanda leaves behind her busy life and visits the farm and she´s quickly sucked into the charm of the countryside. As Amanda digs deeper into her father´s life, she´ll uncover strange secrets about her family along with unpleasant truths and wage a battle against cruelty and abuse.

On the farm, Amanda discovers that the inner and outer landscapes of life are remarkably similar as she is thrust into an adventure that leads her to discover love, fear, danger, and happiness in the company of some truly wonderful people…and a very creepy villain…

Will her mother recover her health and be able to forgive? Can Amanda regain her trust when everything she’s ever known is called into question? Or will the pain of being lied to sabotage her chance at love? Find out as you join Amanda and her friends in the foothills of Colorado.


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Wednesday, July 13, 2022 (Discounted Deals)

Megan left Double Creek fifteen years ago after getting clean. A small town was a hard place to escape who she used to be. For fifteen years, she served as a paramedic in Austin. With trepidation, and a secret she’s never shared, she returns to her small Oklahoma hometown to take care of her mom. Relapsing doesn’t worry Megan, but digging up the past scares her enough to make her re-think coming back to Double Creek.

Ben’s been living his life as though the past doesn’t matter, but the truth it, he thinks about it every day. Finally clean and sober, Ben tries to build a life he wants, despite having a failed marriage and more mistakes than he can count under his belt. Seeing Megan at his mom’s house is a big surprise. Can his heart handle her showing up again and again?

Will Megan stay in Double Creek for her mom? Will Ben and Megan forgive each other for past wounds?

Get your copy of Pursuing the Paramedic today and find out.


Doctoral student Hannah Wagganer has big dreams of leaving her hometown of Glen Arbor behind to teach at a large university. That is, until Jasper Morgan, the new mail carrier, arrives in town. Not only does he send Hannah’s heart racing, but he creates an instant bond with her cat, Jingles. 

While Hannah is busy preparing for the church’s candlelight Christmas Eve service and running the family store, she keeps bumping into Jasper—right in front of the prying eyes of the locals, who suspect there’s more going on than business as usual. 

But then, a series of unexpected blessings occurs that changes the town’s focus: first, an anonymous donor pays to have the church furnace repaired, and then other locals suddenly find solutions to their problems. Is it coincidental, or the work of a secret angel?


A Christmas in July special.

Eva Barker cared for her father until his death. Now past the age most women marry, she does not know what to do with her life. Unhappy working for others at a wage that barely supports her, she allows her roommate to talk her into responding to an advertisement placed by a man looking for a wife. He has a young son who needs a mother’s care. At her age, she realizes the best she can hope for is a widower. All she can hope for is that the man’s heart be big enough to allow her in, too.

Owen Cardsdale is at his wit’s end. He has a mercantile to run and a motherless son, Willie, who, at age seven, needs more direction and attention than he has time for or the desire to give. His Aunt Aggie occasionally watches Willie in the hours after school, but she insists that what Owen needs is another wife to be a mother to his son. Owen acknowledges that, for Willie’s sake, he might consider a marriage of convenience, but takes no steps in that direction. Much to his dismay and befuddlement, he soon realizes he underestimated his aunt. Eva arrives at her new home a few weeks before Christmas only to discover her new family does not consider her a gift. If it were not for the support of Aunt Aggie, she would pack up and return home. Will hearts soften and open up during this season of celebrating the birth of Christ?


Two exes stuck together. Could this be their second chance?

When Virginia state senator Adam Larson returns to his hometown of Maple Creek, Virginia after a long absence, the last person he expects to bump into is his old high school girlfriend. Is he too focused on his re-election and his engagement to worry about what happened long ago? Or will buried memories and emotions come back to the surface?

Natasha Jenkins runs the venue where he’s holding a campaign fundraiser dinner, and her business is on the brink of collapse. Can she overcome her past to let love in?

It’s just one dinner. Surely, they could get through it and never have to speak again. But then Adam’s scheming sister, who hates his fiancée, locks them both in the pantry of the historic mansion Natasha runs until they’ve worked out their past.

Can Adam and Natasha overcome their inner demons and find the happiness they both deserve?

If you enjoy sweet romance set in a small town with swoony moments, then you’ll love this book!


Snowed in at school over Christmas. What else is there to do? Maybe fall in love with the guy you least expected? Too bad he’s dating your roommate…

College junior Ashleigh De Luca has always been happy to go with the flow. Not one to call attention to herself, she’s a firm believer in keeping her head down, doing the work, following the plan.

Until one Christmas break when the plan is shot to heck as heavy snow grounds all flights and she’s stuck at the school dorms with her flighty roommate Wanda.

And Wanda has all kinds of plans for vacation. Such as bagging the hottest jock in school just because her dull, long-suffering boyfriend Locky is miles away.

But surprise! Locky decides to drop in for a visit and is knocking on the door. It’s up to Ashleigh to run interference.

Except dull Locky is not so dull anymore. In fact, one look from his intense, puppy dog eyes makes Ashleigh want to step way, way out of her comfort zone.

So exactly who’s going to distract whom?


A fun and flirty second chance romance set on the beaches and blue waves of Maui. A gorgeous, feel-good, heartwarming love story about forgiveness, new beginnings, and finding love all over again. Fans of sweet romance will adore this charming beach-bliss break.

Cat Cortez’s world shattered the day her soulmate walked out.

Heartbroken but determined, Cat throws herself into the building her family’s new nursery and landscaping business. Desperate to get over him, she hopes to plant something new in her life where love once bloomed. Just when she thinks she’s salvaged what was left of her broken heart, he careens back into her life…

She has no intention of getting back together with Dan Reese, but as Cat begins to see his true intentions, her steely heart softens and, surprisingly, finds herself wanting a second chance. But she hasn’t reckoned on the hurricane force of his domineering father, who’s intent on tearing the couple apart once again.

Despite the brutal blow, her foolish heart isn’t listening . . . putting her in danger of falling for him all over again.

Don’t miss this chance to lose your heart in Paradise Beach with Dan, Cat, and a charming ensemble of family and friends, where learning to love again is finding where you truly belong.


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Friday, July 8, 2022 (Discounted Deals)

When Noel Dupree’s mother passes away from a sudden illness, she inherits the family home and their much-loved florist business. While still in mourning, her unscrupulous father resurfaces after many years’ absence and finds a way to undermine her mother’s will. Without regard for Noel’s welfare, he claims everything is rightly his, and the family lawyer can’t produce documents to prove otherwise.

By invitation from her best friend, Noel makes a hard choice to leave her childhood hometown in upstate New York and journey to the friend’s house in Pensacola, Florida. Together they will try to devise a plan for Noel’s future. Fate steps in when a blinding rainstorm causes her to miss a turn, leading her to an unlikely place, and an uncertain destiny.

Brought low by circumstances and struggling to make ends meet, she takes shelter in the least desirable location and accepts a graveyard-shift job. The last thing Noel is looking for is romance, but a chance meeting with a handsome, young lawyer named Liam Grant makes her reconsider. Could she accept his dinner invitations and make it through the Christmas holiday without revealing her destitute condition?


He’s spent the past ten years trying to make it big as a country music star. Can he figure out what’s really important before it’s too late?

Fiona O’Keefe is grateful to be living in her hometown of Feather Star Bay, where the people are friendly (mostly), her café is taking off (finally), and she’s raising her two energetic nine-year-old twins (determinedly). It also has the advantage of being hundreds of miles away from Nashville where she left her ex-husband in the same rut he was in when they were married—working the bars and hoping to get a recording contract someday. If she never sees him again, it’ll be too soon.

Jake Wiley has received a mysterious letter from an anonymous sender, asking him to come home to Feather Star Bay and take care of his family. Thinking his grandmother needs help, he does just that, hoping he’ll only be gone for a few weeks. Avoiding his ex-wife, Fiona, is high on his list of things to do while he’s there (absolutely), but Jake is unprepared when he comes face to face with the timeless beauty for the first time again (undeniably) and is thrown off guard by the nine-year-old secret she’s been keeping (totally). Trying to make sense of the tornado he’s landed himself in, he does the only thing that feels right—confronting Fiona about what happened and trying to get to know his children. But Fiona isn’t talking.

Jake might have to change his game plan. If he wants a chance to bond with his kids, he’s going to have to break through Fiona’s barriers—one kiss at a time. Will they be able to mend their hearts and family?


They didn’t meet until after the wedding day.

Carter McLain has finally accomplished the success he was striving for when he moved to the frontier a decade ago. All that’s missing is a wife to share it with. Having no desire to leave his land, he requests a friend back home to arrange a proxy marriage for him. When his bride seems too good to be true, Carter wonders if he did the right thing.

The highly publicized deaths of Ella St. Clair’s parents cause her to lose everything. Left destitute, alone, and friendless, she grudgingly accepts the offer of marriage by proxy to a man she has never met. The long trip West leaves her plenty of time for second thoughts.

What does the future hold for these legally bound strangers? Can they get past their secrets to find happiness?

This is a sweet, wholesome historical romance featuring a smart, strong heroine and the brooding hero who steals her heart. Download today and get ready to fall in love .

A Wife for Carter was previously published as A Bride for Carter.


A hula dancer—seriously? And blonde to boot! 

Why did someone send JT Kirkwood a hula dancer ornament? This was July, not even close to December and the season for a Christmas tree. The note promised that the dancer was real and waiting for him. No matter how ridiculous this seemed, JT looked at the ornament and felt compelled to find the woman mentioned in the note. Too bad his father’s accident prevents him from looking.

A luau—seriously? With their town of Oak Grove hit by layoffs, why did Bonnie Miller’s mother insist that they throw a city-wide party at the small strip mall that housed Bonnie’s restaurant. Still, her mother had fantastic insight into what the public wanted, so Bonnie went along with it. She even danced the hula for the crowd, and saw the man of her dreams watching.

Serenaded by Elvis, this couple easily falls in love. But is love at first sight enough to overcome the distance that separates the couple when JT has to return to his job in another town far from Oak Grove? He loves his home and job, but Bonnie is fiercely loyal to hers as well. 

Mrs. Claus is discovering that not even the magic of a compelling ornament or the lyrical sounds of Elvis will be enough to bring about this couple’s happily ever. Which one will compromise? Will each say Aloha–meaning goodbye?


In 1870, Hazel Lynn Morgan was a girl right on the verge of becoming a woman. She lives in a small town on a farm in Ohio, where nothing new or exciting ever happens. She has survived this long by reading books about exotic places and using her imagination, or what her Ma has termed, her “Magical Thinking.” 

Will a simple mail order bride ad placed by a cattle rancher in Texas named Heath Key change Hazel’s life for the better? Or will the secret that Heath is hiding threaten to ruin both of their lives? Will the man who has been by Heath’s side as his best friend since childhood bring them closer or come between them in the end?


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Wednesday, July 6, 2022 (Discounted Deals)

A haunting guilt. A family to save. A love that can’t be.

When Emma Daniels’ well-to-do family finds itself destitute, she answers an ad for the Gilbert Company seeking young women to be waitresses at hotel restaurants along remote railroad lines out west. The rules for a Gilbert Girl are strict: work hard, act respectably at all times, and no courting allowed. None of them present a problem for Emma, at least until she meets the hotel’s builder, Monroe Hartley. His smile and teasing manner were the last things Emma expected to find on the Colorado frontier. But as intriguing as he is, Emma would be risking her job – and her family’s lives – if she allowed his attentions.

Building this hotel for the Gilbert Company is the perfect opportunity for Monroe. Not only will it advance his career, it barely gives him a moment to drown in guilt over his wife’s death. When Emma arrives, he finds himself drawn to her. But he can’t promise her anything, not unless he wants her to end up with the same fate his wife suffered.

Giving in to their feelings would mean losing everything, yet they find themselves growing closer as the summer stretches on. When a man who covets Monroe’s job discovers their secret and threatens to reveal it, they must each decide whether their love is worth uprooting everything they’ve worked so hard for.


Will her lies be her demise?

Grace Sinclair is in trouble. When her adopted sister, Faith, is forced to defend her honor against an over-ardent saloon patron, she shoots him in self-defense. But who is going to believe four orphaned females living and working in a saloon are innocent of anything. Grace is convinced that the only chance of saving them all is to leave town in hopes the law will think her guilty and hold the other three girls harmless. A friend suggests a ruse of leaving town as a mail-order bride and that plan worked like a charm. Unfortunately for everyone concerned, the plan worked a little too well.

John Malone didn’t send for a mail-order bride, but somehow he found himself wed to one. Grace is a feisty city woman who showed up out of nowhere with a written marriage proposal signed by him. He tries to explain he didn’t send for a bride and that wasn’t his signature, but no one believes him. Now, one of Creede’s prominent attorneys is forcing him to keep a promise he didn’t make, and when his new bride is arrested for murder, he’s in jeopardy of losing his reputation and his ability to make an honest living. He has a decision to make, but will his heart let him?

Before this is over, it will take all of Grace’s courage and all of John’s faith to overcome the secrets, lies, and betrayals standing between them and their chance at happiness, but will it be enough?


Wholesome Christian Romance

When Cameron Frierson was eight-years-old, he had a vision about a well containing the living water. Since then, he has wondered what that dream meant and how it plays a role in his life and his purpose from God.

Now Cameron is a college student going on his first missionary trip to Peru. At first, the trip seems worthwhile, but things quickly take a turn when a terrible bus crash leaves him stranded in the Peruvian wilds.
Stuck in a foreign land, surrounded by strange people, Cameron finds his faith and his grit being tested. But after a series of events, he begins to believe that maybe he isn’t stuck at all. Maybe Peru was part of God’s plan all along. Besides, if it weren’t for the bus crash, Cameron wouldn’t have met the beautiful woman named Saloso, a member of the Sand Ribbon Tribe and the person who rescued him from the bus accident.

As Saloso nurses Cameron back to life, he starts to wonder if there is a connection between his childhood vision and the people of the Sand Ribbon. Was he brought to Peru to bring them the living water? Or do the indigenous Peruvians have living water to offer him?


All she needs is a Christmas miracle so she can win back her St. Nick…

Ellie Briggs and Nick Harrington went their separate ways a few years ago when her career pulled her in a different direction to his. She made a choice to leave while he stayed in the Caribbean to build his life. Now a social media diva in New York, she finds herself questioning her actions.

After her current relationship tumbles around her ears, Ellie heads back to St Kitts for Christmas. Catching up with old friend Leigh George is just what’s needed, and maybe another chance with Nick. With a little sprinkle of the George sisters’ magic, and some help from the locals, will Ellie and Nick find a way to try again?

Second Chance for Christmas is a Sweet Romantic Comedy novella filled with tummy-tingling chemistry and complete with holiday nostalgia…on a tropical island. You’ll laugh out loud as you fall in love!


Will Erin and Jason find their “forever homes” in each other’s hearts?

As the director of PAWS, the “Pearson Animal Welfare Society,” Erin Pearson stays busy helping stray and surrendered pets find the “forever homes” they deserve. The small-town animal shelter was the life’s work of her beloved grandmother, but when a million-dollar donation to a new building project is embezzled, Erin fears the scandal will be the end of PAWS.

The drive up from San Antonio to the beautiful Texas Hill County to adopt a dog for his daughter is nothing more than an inconvenience for financial advisor and single dad, Jason Blaine. That is, until he meets the lovely director of PAWS. When Erin later asks for his help in tracking down the consultant who made off with the donation, Jason couldn’t say no even if he wanted to. Erin is warm and approachable… everything his late wife wasn’t. But Jason knows his wealthy in-laws won’t hesitate to sue for custody of their granddaughter if he starts dating again and not devoting every spare minute to being a dad.

Will Erin and Jason track down the missing million in time to save PAWS and her family’s good name? Caught between the fear of losing his little girl and the hope of a promising new romance, will Jason allow Erin to rescue him, too, even though he only has two legs instead of four?


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Monday, July 4, 2022 (Discounted Deals)

In 1884 Maggie Porter returns to the Rocking P Ranch. The sanatorium was not able to save her mother, and now her father’s health is failing. When the cowboys walk off the job leaving no one to drive the cattle to market, head ranch hand, Alex Bright, cannot convince the men to stay.

How could Alex let this happen? Maggie is desperate to save the ranch. To everyone’s surprise, she turns to the town’s women for help. The cowgirls must herd, rope, and drive the cattle to market. With only two days left, outlaws charge the small band in an effort to start a stampede. This is a western historical romance with a faith thread. Join Maggie and Alex as they stand on opposite sides of a painful issue, struggling to honor those they love and do what is right.


To avoid being sent across an ocean, Grace switches places with her sister. The only man aware of their deception? A dear friend, and her secret love. 

Grace Everly has no desire to set sail for the Caribbean, unlike her adventurous twin sister, Hope. Thanks to her sister’s irresponsible behavior and subsequent banning from the journey, Grace’s father decides to send her in Hope’s place. Desperate to remain where things are familiar, Grace proposes an unthinkable plan: that she and Hope switch places. They only have to keep up the act long enough for Hope to board a ship in London. When the man who has stolen Grace’s heart learns of their secret, things get more complicated.

Jacob Barnes, soon to be ordained a vicar, has known Grace and Hope his whole life. Though close to both sisters, he’s dreamed of courting Hope for months. When he realizes his friends have switched places, putting the woman he admires out of his reach, he agrees to help with the subterfuge despite his bruised heart. As he watches Grace stumble in her acting abilities, attempting to change who she is, he realizes how much she means to him. But how does he tell her, without risking their friendship?

The deception puts their relationship to the test. As Grace hides her heart and her identity, Jacob examines his feelings, and no one in their community will be happy when the truth is discovered. 


This damsel-in-distress thought she was spilling her secrets to a doctor. Turns out? The gentleman is an Earl. He’s also her new employer…

Miss Adelaide is down on her luck and on the run when she finally collapses at Evercliff Manor. Perhaps it’s exhaustion that has her spilling her secrets to the kind doctor tending to her–or maybe it’s his warm, compelling eyes. Then again, maybe it’s just another case of sheer bad luck. 

It turns out the kindly doctor who now knows her deepest, darkest secrets is not really a doctor at all. He’s an earl. Worse, he’s her employer. And he’s decided that Adelaide will be his next project. With his assistance and the help of her newfound friends at the newly formed School of Charm, Miss Adelaide might just land on her feet. If only she doesn’t lose her heart…


Three best-selling Inspirational Historical Western romance stories!

Delightful tales full of emotion, love, inspiration, plot twists, and of course, heart-melting romance!

The Bright Moon in his Sky
When Maybelle Tippin loses her father, she is faced with the ugly truth that he has been telling her nothing but lies her whole life. Distraught by his betrayal and desperate to pay off his debts, she sells their business and decides to become a mail-order bride. An advert from a sheriff, Gabe, catches her eye as she feels that with him she’ll be safe from the wrong side of the law. But the moment she sets foot in Silver City, she discovers that her fiancé has been accused of murder and her heart breaks into a million pieces. From that moment on, they will have to go on a journey that will define what metal they are made of, as they race against time to save Gabe from a terrible fate. Can she put her trust in him to pave the way to a happier future that they both deserve, or are there too many formidable obstacles standing between them?

The Trail to his Heart
As the local school teacher, Erin Stokes cherishes the children of her class, but dreams of starting a loving family of her own. She has been secretly in love with her best friend, Daniel Radisson, for years and her longing to marry him has never wavered. To her dismay, he has never even implied that he feels the same way. In the sight of him searching for a mail-order bride, will she get the courage to open her heart to him at the risk of losing her best friend? Can their love transcend any hurdle standing between them? Or will the past come back to haunt them in ways they could never even fathom?

Two Souls Bound Together
Erika Caldwell, one of Boston’s best dressmakers, has been struggling ever since her doctor diagnosed her with tuberculosis. While feeling utterly lost, a surprising opportunity for treatment appears, in a faraway place that she doesn’t hesitate to take. Upon her arrival, she meets the dashing William and immediately regains her zest for life while trying to put the fragments of his heart back together. Although they are drawn to each other, unexpected challenges threaten to tear them apart. Is their love strong enough to weather the impending catastrophe and help her escape the clutches of her illness finding true joy?

If you love Western romances that feature strong women and determined, yet charming, male protagonists, then you are going to love this collection!


Governess or duchess?

After spending the last ten years following her late husband on campaign, the irrepressible Jane Kimball finds herself badly in need of a position to support herself. Marriage holds no appeal; she’s not likely to find a husband like her Jimmy again. But when Miss Thorn of the Fortune Employment Agency offers her a post with the Duke of Wey, Jane feels drawn to help the lonely widower with his three daughters. He may seem a bit aloof, but Miss Thorn’s cat Fortune approved of him. Why should Jane doubt a duke?

Alaric, Duke of Wey, commands his staff, his tenants, and the halls of Parliament, managing vast holdings in England and across the seas. Why is it he cannot manage his own daughters? As an old danger rears its head, he comes to rely on Jane’s practical nature and outspoken ways to navigate the waters of fatherhood. And when necessity dictates he take a wife, thoughts turn to an unlikely governess who might make the perfect bride.


A reclusive billionaire.

A woman scarred for life.

The child they both love.

When a plane crash takes the life of Alexander Ross’ ex-wife, he gains full custody of their nine-year-old daughter, Poppy, but he’s at a loss as to how to fit her into his life of corporate mergers and acquisitions. The solution? Hire a nanny to look after Poppy until after the holidays when she’ll be enrolled in boarding school.

Felicity Holden can’t remember her life before the accident that scars her face forever. Knowing this unsightly flaw stands in her way of marriage and having a family, she accepts her role as a nanny and devotes herself to other people’s children.

What begins as a job turns into Felicity’s passion to help Alexander understand the greatest gift he has is his daughter. At the risk of losing her heart, she works to create a bond between this business magnate and his daughter, knowing that after the holidays she’ll lose them both. What she and Alexander never expected was the spirit of Christmas touching hearts and opening eyes to a future that exceeded their wildest dreams.


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Crooked Arrow Ranch was designed to be a safe haven for the wounded when they return from war.
Sam Marley should know, he’d been there for almost two years, and he was finally beginning to feel warm and safe.

But when the pretty new dog trainer shows up expecting a service dog to be the answer to his problems, more than the love of a good woman will be needed to heal his wounds. This Army Ranger is going to have to learn how to lean on God in order to move forward. But with only one good arm, will he find the strength to trust?

Nelly Wilson decided to move her business to Frenchtown, Montana. All she wanted to do was help wounded veterans heal. But what she found might just have her turning tail and running.

As Nelly and Sam work together to clean up the “dump” that her ranch is, they get closer and closer.

Who in their right minds would kill a black bear and leave its carcass inside a ranch?

But when her ex shows up offering to support her new business if she’d only come home, will she choose him over a wounded vet?

Can a curmudgeonly Army veteran with only one arm let himself be loved? Will the pretty dog trainer get past his gruff exterior? Can they both work together to get past their fears and discover a happily-ever-after?


From the author of the Fields of Timothy series…

In 1948, Western North Carolina, Corinth Mayer is counting down the weeks until her wedding. But she can’t stop the nagging feeling her fiancé isn’t nearly as excited. She knows he longs for more than the simple life they have in Revival Cove, constantly talking about the excitement they could have if they moved to a big city.

It doesn’t help that most people don’t think she’s good enough for him. The fact her family is considered ‘trash’ doesn’t escape her. Even though she and Momma are God-fearing, church-goers, her daddy and brothers are moonshiners, and their illegal business is no secret in Revival Cove.

As the summer passes, troubles much worse than a hesitant groom plague the Mayer family. They must learn to lean on each other and trust the Lord, strengthening both bonds, to face the trials of life and come out on the winning side.


Rosalind accepts the challenge to stay all night in the earl’s haunted castle. Meanwhile, Sofie is sent across the countryside to meet her betrothed, a man she has never met. In another tale, Evelyn falls in love with an unlikely gentleman. Tavish runs late for the wedding, but Simon wins a prize. Henri meets a man of mystery while Maria meets the perfect man.

This anthology features eighteen works of short fiction: fourteen fan favorites by Paullett Golden, as included in the Romantic Encounters series, and four stories from guest authors, winners of the short fiction writing contest. Within these pages, you will enjoy the brevity and tease of romance at its peak.


Fake Identity at Stake is a whirlwind boy-meets-girl romp, only the girl isn’t who she says she is, and the boy has no idea. Add in mobsters, FBI agents, clueless friends, slobbering dogs, and chickens, and you have a classic Lisa Renee rom com full of the kinds of unexpected moments and witty dialogue that keeps you laughing and wondering what in the world is going to happen next. Great fun from start to finish!

“Lisa Renee has done it again! A stellar read complete with boxer shorts, an unruly chicken-eating Great Dane and a fake identity at stake, this rom-com is sure to tickle your funny bone! Five stars!” Naomi Craig, Author of Rahab’s Courage.First in the small town Christian romcom series set in Clear Creek County.
If you enjoy enemies to lovers tropes or mistaken identity, download your copy today.


Losing her dreams may mean finding herself.

Competitive figure skater Addisyn Miles has been running her whole life—both from her overprotective sister Avery and toward her dream of competing in the Olympics. Despite the compromises she’s made along the way, her future has never looked brighter—until a single moment shatters not only her dearest hopes but also her relationship with the man for whom she sacrificed her principles. In search of answers, Addisyn escapes to Whistler, Canada, where she meets Darius Payne, a lonely man with a crushing secret. But when Darius’s past threatens their relationship and Addisyn receives an unexpected invitation to return to the world she left behind, they’re both confronted by the truth they may not be brave enough to face. 

Meanwhile, heartbroken by her younger sister’s rejection, Avery Miles has uprooted her life and relocated to Estes Park, Colorado. There, she seeks to bury her painful memories in the peace of the mountains—and the love of the God Who made them. She’s struggled to erase Addisyn from her thoughts entirely, but then she comes face-to-face with an unwelcome bit of her past—someone who poses the ultimate threat to Addisyn. Haunted by her own darkest fears, Avery must summon the courage to love her sister again—and find her before the clock runs out.


While preparing for a cattle drive, Michael is stunned to find an unexpected fiancée on his doorstep, claiming that he proposed marriage to her!

Deciding to trust in God, the pair are wed in spite of the unexpected circumstances that brought them together, and then Meredith insists on heading out on the cattle drive with her new husband.

Can They’re barely beginning to get to know one relationship hold strong when danger strikes?

Can their faith in God and in one another to survive and give their brand-new love a fighting chance?


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Orphaned at just one-year-old, with her newborn sister, Elsie has grown up scrubbing and cleaning the orphanage for room and board. Her eighteenth birthday comes with the shocking announcement she has a husband waiting and she must board the train at once to go meet him.

The headmistress insists on sending Elsie away without allowing her to bid her sister, Eleanor, farewell. Riding the train to Colorado, Elsie’s stomach is in knots, and she wonders what will happen to her sister.

Dr. Clark has had his nose in books ever since he could read. Helping the sick and the injured has been his passion, and it has held his focus over finding a wife or creating a family. In the booming Georgetown, Colorado, there are plenty of miners, but there are few marital prospects for the good doctor. When Elsie shows up, he does not know why she’s come to be his bride, since he specifically told his nephew to find him an assistant for his medical practice.

Will the pulse of love beat between the doctor and Elsie, or will she run away to find her sister?


A water search and rescue officer focused on his career, an insurance agent swearing off men, and a tsunami that brings them together.

Tom Powell chose to give up being in the Coast Guard for his position at Disaster City Search and Rescue Academy. He’s perfectly content training the next generation of search and rescue K9 handlers. With his focus on his job, he hasn’t made time for dating, at least until he meets Pamela Winslow.

Pamela’s never had a reason to question her dating life until she saw it through God’s eyes. That’s why she’s taking a hiatus from men. At least, until she bumps into a handsome search and rescue officer at her new church, and is torn on what to do. When she goes on a women’s retreat and a tsunami strikes the beach they are staying at, Tom’s team comes to the rescue, making it hard not to fall for the man who shows up to save her life.

Will Pamela break her men fast? Will Tom finally make room for love? And will he be able to save her and her friends before it’s too late?


She’s used to being alone…

…he can’t get away from his guilty conscience.

Will an arranged marriage help them heal, or force them to confront a long-hidden truth and new depths of despair?

Five years ago, Beryl Haywood was crippled in an accident that claimed two lives. Since then, reading and painting have been the only companions to her long, lonely days.

Could an arranged marriage be a blessing in disguise? Or will it drive her to more anguish than she’s ever known?

Frederick Sinclair is struggling to adapt to normality after returning from the French battlefields. A hefty weight of guilt and regret weighs on him, taunting him that he’ll never be free from it.

Will his unexpected marriage be a pleasant distraction? Or will it confirm his deepest fears and crush him even more?

As the newlyweds begin to wonder if love might lie ahead, a startling discovery shakes them each to the core, threatening to snatch away the future they’d begun to hope they might share…


Memories of his abusive father fuel Tyler Armstrong’s desire to make the world a safer place, so Tyler will do whatever it takes to become a Navy SEAL. Falling in love with his best friend, Amanda Jarvis, though, wasn’t part of his plans. Maybe his failed attempts to confess his love turned out for the best. Even if their shared faith helps them navigate the demands of SEAL life, he fears asking her to live with the uncertainties of his career. Amanda deserves better.


Author’s note: There are parts of this book that may be unsuitable for readers who are sensitive to the aspects of a destructive relationship. Any physical altercations happen off-page, but the emotional and mental fallout is delved into during the course of the story. Though this is a story of hope and love, the journey Andy and Cece have to take is a difficult one.

She has lived her life in the midst of a storm.

With a demanding, overbearing father dictating her life, Cecelia Albrecht has never been able to stand on her own. Searching for a way to free herself from him has led her into situations that have only added to the turbulence in her life.

He knows Cecelia in a way that most don’t and would do anything for her.

But even though he cares for her—a lot—Andy Hale has been friend-zoned from the moment their lives collided under the bleachers by the high school football field. Realizing that she has driven most people away through her harsh words, Andy has stayed with her, determined to support her in a way no one else has.

It’s taken awhile, but Andy is finally coming to the point of accepting that the friend zone is where he’s destined to stay with Cecelia. He knows that if he wants love and marriage in his future, he needs to move beyond his feelings for her.

Cecelia has always been told she needs a certain type of man in order to succeed in life, and Andy has never been that man. He still lives at home, and his job pretty much guarantees that he’d never be rich. Will she see him for who he really is in time? Or will she lose the one man who has been a steady presence in her life for years?


Sparks fly between opposites in this riveting romantic suspense! When a small-town business owner becomes a target again, she encounters an unusual ally who has his own secret agenda. Will they find love amid danger?

Life as the sister of a serial killer is never easy, especially when former runaway Mari Del Lobo becomes a target herself. A recent crime has her late brother’s signature and MO, which Mari finds highly unusual, as she still blames herself for her only sibling’s death. Soon Mari encounters an unexpected — and a very attractive — ally in Dr. Luke Goodman.

Luke couldn’t save his fiancée from the Smiling Killer, but he’ll do anything to prevent more murders, even ask for help from the serial killer’s sister. Finding a kindred tortured soul in Mari, Luke is determined to keep her alive, but it’s not easy to protect the stubborn ex-rebel. Can she solve the mystery, renew her faith, and find love and redemption in time to survive?


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I met Roy at fourteen and with the toss of a coin that summer night, I dialed in the love of my life. We wasted years until we found the answer to our hearts’ longing in Jesus.

On the evening of our baptism, Roy suggested our family of four venture on his dream vacation to Alaska. Although reluctant to traverse the country, I was determined to enjoy the much needed family time.

When an invitation to work at an iconic Alaskan roadhouse forced the trajectory of our summer in an unexpected direction, my tight grip on our familiar Michigan life started to slip.

Will this quest for an Alaskan adventure be worth the sacrifice for us all? 

Will my new faith in Christ withstand the storms of change and awaken the transformation I didn’t know I needed or will I crumble under the leaden weight of my husband’s dreams? 

The Alaskan Women of Caliber Series unfolds a fictional tapestry based on true, pivotal stories of rebirth, escape, love, sacrifice, and discovery. The visceral backdrop of the arctic impacts women and draws them to its Creator. Follow these women and the heartbeat of their high caliber life events.


When Holly Christenson’s husband is killed on his family’s farmstead, his siblings—especially the second eldest who is now in control—heartlessly casts her from their midst.

She takes a train to Denver and moves into the Broad Street Boarding House. With help from the Cartwright sisters and Cane, an obliging gentleman next door, she lands a teaching job. The holidays are upon them, and while helping Cane Givens at the Mission House and overseeing the Christmas play, sparks fly between the young couple.

A mysterious and unwelcome visit from her brother-in-law, Trip Christenson, and his reluctance to leave Denver is unsettling and suspicious. Join Holly, Cane, and the Cartwright sisters as they attempt to unravel Trip’s motivation before someone gets killed.

Holly’s Hallmark is a tribute to those special qualities that others see in us. This is a story of forgiveness, redemption, a homeless mission house, and faith that God will have His way in bringing love and security to those who trust in Him.


Her ex wants her back, but he’s a country rock star now. Can Roxy trust that his feelings are real and not just lyrics in a song? 

The night Tag confessed his love for Roxy and begged her to come with him to Nashville, she sent him packing. She wanted him to fulfill his dream, but the romantic songs and declarations of undying love? It couldn’t possibly be real.

Eight years later, the quaint town of Little River is abuzz. Famous country rock star Tag Turner is back. They don’t know he’s determined to win over his high school crush and bring her back with him once and for all. But Roxy loves her quiet, country life on her family’s ranch—a life that doesn’t have room for someone who can’t buy coffee without national media attention.

Not ready to give up, Tag stays in Little River to work on his next album and convince the woman he loves to give him a chance. Can Roxy ever trust that his feelings are real . . . and not just lyrics in a song?

A second chance sweet romance set in the small town of Little River! 


A soiled dove at rock bottom. A mountain man broken and lonely. Can an unexpected encounter be their second chance at love?

Jo Bradford never thought she’d end up a fallen woman in a mining-town brothel.

But after running away from a family who love her and falling into the clutches of a sinister outlaw, Jo found herself left with a devastating choice between starvation and prostitution. After a brutal attack leaves her with an ugly scar, she’s cast out of the Parlor House, her only sanctuary from the outlaw gang she escaped from.

Gideon Cross blames himself for his pa’s disappearance.

When he decided to search for his father, he left Jo behind with hopes of returning for her. News arrived that she was missing, and Gideon was left broken-hearted. After years of grieving, he is finally ready to move on and start the family he’s always wanted, even if it isn’t with Jo.

When a twist of fate brings Jo and Gideon face to face again, can the grace of God mend their broken pieces and lead them to reclaim love or will their past failures be too much to overcome?

This gripping saga, full of heart-pounding adventure, will take you on an emotional journey of love and redemption in the majestic Rocky Mountains.


She’s chased her dream all the way to Alaska. Her oh-so-gorgeous but grumpy neighbor might try to stop her.

Jemma inherits a house in small town Palmer, Alaska, quits her job in Georgia, and moves there. She starts her dream business in her garage—flipping furniture and selling it.

Nathaniel’s peace and quiet is shattered when the woman across the street drills and saws. Sure, she’s nice and perhaps attractive, but he doesn’t want anyone close to his heart.

Then he keeps helping her, even though he can’t figure out why.

With only the short Alaskan summer for her business to take off, Jemma is driven to succeed before she runs out of money.

If only she weren’t distracted by Nathaniel.

When a stray puppy enters their lives, they may have to figure out a way to work together.

But helping each other won’t lead to love, right? Maybe it will.


Come & join us in beautiful Penworth Bay, Cornwall

Volunteer at The Cornish Bay Bakery in exchange for a cozy room

with views across the bay, new friends, and the chance to explore the magical Cornish coast.

In need of a change to your pace of life?

Want to escape the pressures of work?

Then contact Elsie today!

When Daisy Green answers Elsie’s advert, she’s in need of a break. A break from her job, a break from her flatmate, a break from her bridezilla of a sister, Anne, and the chance to put as much distance between her and her cheating ex as possible.

Turning up in Penworth Bay, Daisy is quickly welcomed into the close-knit community with open arms, and with the sun shining she’s looking forward to being able to leave the drama of everyday life behind her.

When Elsie calls upon her to help Ollie in his quest to finalize his sister’s wedding plans, Daisy reluctantly agrees.

Between choosing food for the wedding breakfast, deciding between roses and lilies, and checking in on guests, a spark begins to grow between them. Or so Daisy hopes.

Just as she dares to believe in true love, her ex turns up and flips her world upside down.

Is Daisy brave enough to make a decision that will change her life forever? Will one fateful night lead to a rekindled romance or tragedy?

Packed full of sunshine, romance and friendship escape to Sunshine at the Cornish Bakery and travel to Cornwall to charming Penworth Bay…


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Breaking down in a nowhere town called Providence wasn’t part of the plan.

When her life falls apart in a matter of a few hours, all single mother Amy Lawson wants is a fresh start. She doesn’t expect to break down and find herself at the mercy of strangers. If securing a safe place for her and her daughter to stay means accepting the help of the brooding mechanic, then she’ll do it, despite the mysteries surrounding him.

Widower and grieving father, Ben Young, avoids people, but he’s driven to help Amy—for her daughter’s sake. There’s something about Amy that draws him in, and when his cousins show interest in her, he fears he might miss out on another chance at love if he can’t find a way to move on.

Just when a relationship begins to form between Ben and Amy, she discovers she holds the key to what happened to Ben’s family. But will her search for answers cost her everything?

Winner of the 2019 Golden Rose Contemporary Romance Contest.


When she left town to chase her dreams, she crushed his.

Robert Winters is a small-town sheriff who is acutely aware of his role as the third wheel. He can’t let go of the past, no matter how hard he tries. He’s only been going through the motions for the last five years since his almost fiancé left their small town to chase her dreams.

Jessie Sorenson Pendleton takes a broken heart to New York City, knowing she’ll never love like that again. Affection for an attractive man is the best she could hope for. Unfortunately, the charismatic and persistent investment broker who sweeps her off her feet turns out to be controlling and abusive. Now, Jessie is back, running from the abusive husband who vowed to kill her if she ever left.

Robert has promised to protect her and her secrets, but he isn’t sure he can do so without falling in love with her all over again. And when Jessie’s husband turns out to be more persistent than Robert expected, both of their lives are in danger.

(Content Warning: Although this is a Christian Mystery, victims of domestic violence may find some scenes in this book disturbing.)


The Earl of Castleford believes he’s found the love of his life. Georgiana Merry is searching for a romantic hero nothing like the reserved Earl. How can he capture her heart before the intriguing Sir James steals it away?

Repelled by his father’s unfaithfulness, Lord Castleford has locked away his feelings, saving them for one woman alone. He does not expect her to be the impulsive Miss Merry, the reckless young lady whose elopement he once foiled.

Georgiana Merry tends to act on her feelings with no thought to the consequences. She goes to London looking for romantic love, but all she finds is friendship with the philanthropic Lord Castleford.

The appearance of the fascinating Sir James seems like the answer to her dreams.

But Georgiana has been misled by her feelings before. Afraid of making another mistake, she takes counsel from the mysterious Sylph – her self-appointed guardian who sends her anonymous letters.

Can the Sylph help her discover where her heart truly lies before she makes another decision she might regret?


He’ll help her find her missing brother before Christmas. But can she trust him?

Starla Logan’s brother disappeared three years ago. With no family left, she receives a surprise letter from him. Zachary is in trouble in Denver and needs help. She leaves immediately and arrives at the Broad Street Boarding House just before Christmas. She’ll find Zachary, no matter how long it takes. But when the handsome man staying at the boarding house next door offers to help, she gladly takes him up on his offer.

Wyatt Dawson is being paid to find Zachary Logan, and Starla is his best option to make sure the job is done. But the more he works with her, the more he’s convinced that Zachary is innocent of the crime for which he’s accused. And the more time he spends with Starla, the more he loses his heart to her.

Telling Starla the truth would put her life in danger, but keeping his secret will destroy their budding relationship. Finding Zachary means the truth will emerge one way or another–if they can survive the men bent on seeing Zachary pay for the crime he didn’t commit.


“Brandy, I caution you. Get hold of your temper. Don’t do anything you’ll regret.”

Whiskey heiress Brandy Dardanelle has been abandoned at the altar.

Seething from the sting to her family honor, she follows the lickspittle’s trail to Denver. However, she doesn’t even have time to unpack when she sees the errant ex-fiancé getting on another train. Afraid of losing her prey, Brandy brashly jumps aboard too.

Successful rancher Samuel Elliott, Jr., returning home after negotiating the cattle deal of a lifetime, must now convince his neighbors he’s wise enough and mature enough to handle the details. 

When the pretty but sassy heiress confronts Sam on the platform, their wildly confusing argument blindsides him. Worse, Tess Hartford storms up, demanding Sam’s proposal. Again. In a desperate move to free himself of the lovesick girl, he announces his engagement to Brandy. The news streaks through the valley like lightning, backing Sam into a corner.

Would Brandy be willing to stay long enough to help him bluff his way through a fake romance?

Sam just needs her for a few days…


She’s trading her high heels for cowgirl boots.
And maybe, her cheating ex for a handsome man in a cowboy hat.

Jenny Stratton was expecting a proposal – the finishing touch on the perfect life she’d built as a successful big-city realtor. When she catches her boyfriend kissing another woman in the soup aisle instead of down on one knee, she retreats to her grandmother’s ranch in the hills of Montana.

Hank Miner is a hard-working ranch hand with no time for distractions. When Jo Jo’s granddaughter shows up, he can’t get too close. Despite her beauty and bravery, the last thing he needs is another high-maintenance woman who doesn’t understand life on the ranch. Or worse, one looking for a quick payday from the elderly ranch owner.

High heels and scuffed boots collide when Jenny and Hank are forced to work together at the beautiful Rosecrown Ranch, and they soon find themselves blurring the line between coworkers and more.

When unexpected circumstances pull Jenny between the job she loves and the allure of the ranch, she will have to decide between the dreams she built and new dreams she is still discovering.

Home might be where the heart is but is that the city Jenny left behind? Or the ranch—and ranch hand—she has come to love?


Zarayah Mello knows the love she dreams of is doomed from the start… 
But the heart wants what the heart wants.

Thirteen-year-old Zarayah Mello knew she loved fellow karate class student Zaire from the moment she laid eyes on him. She also knew that her parents, siblings, and even her beliefs would never accept her love for him. But after she turns fifteen, they cross paths more and more and form a friendship, her improper love for him only grows.

Torn apart by life and circumstance, she’s brokenhearted. Until she turns eighteen and he comes back into her life, sweeps her off her feet, and makes secret plans to propose to her on graduation day. But Zarayah doesn’t know that Zaire is hiding a secret from her—the kind of secret that rips solid marriages apart, never mind their budding love. Besides, will anyone forgive her for falling for her older brothers’ friend? And will she still love him when she learns the truth he’s been hiding from her?