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June 1, 2022

An injured ex-soldier struggling with being a bodyguard. A country music darling with an eerie stalker. Can he resist her allure to get the job done?

All Jake has ever wanted was to serve his country, get married, and raise a family.

When a mission goes wrong, leaving him with a prosthetic leg and raging nightmares, his plans for the future lie shattered like his career. He joins his brothers-in-arms at Stryker Security Force to help protect others, determined to find contentment in his job as a bodyguard — until protecting Chloe Rose makes him long for more.

Chloe Rose dreams of getting her break as the next country music superstar.
Though her parents would rather she buy her way in, Chloe will make it on her own or not at all.

An invitation to a Colorado music festival has Chloe believing her time has finally come. But when frightening messages arrive on her doorstep, she’s forced to hire protection. Jake is an attractive surprise, and sparks fly when he shows up.

Can Chloe trust Jake when the malicious attacks threaten all she’s worked so hard for? Will Jake’s disability keep him from saving Chloe and the love he’s found in her?

If you like page-turning adventure, fascinating characters, and engaging stories of triumph, you’ll love Sara Blackard’s riveting inspirational security romance series.

Grab your favorite beverage and snuggle up for a sweet and cozy read.

Three strong women discover love where they least expect it.

Until I Met You

Graphic designer, Brandi Prescott is determined to stay single through Christmas. She’s nearly there, until one fateful morning when her morning walk to the coffee shop turns into anything except ordinary.

Ian Parker thinks he’s finally found “the one,” but when she reveals she has made a promise to herself and to the Lord that she will not date for six months he’s perplexed and disappointed.

Will Brandi’s promise cost her what could be the love of her life, or will Ian wait until she’s completed her pledge?

The Reluctant Groom

When everything goes wrong, can two friends discover true love? 

When Ray O’Brien’s world is turned upside down, Katie Fairchild wants to help, but the personal cost is high. Neither desires a marriage of convenience, but when Katie blurts the first thing that comes to her mind Ray can’t dismiss her offer of marriage. It would solve all his problems except for one thing—they aren’t in love. 

Can these two friends team up for the greater good and perhaps find love along the way, or are their expectations impossible? 

Simply Smitten

Business brought them together but will betrayal pull them apart?

Michael Pierce co-owns a start-up software development company. They are well on their way to success when Michael discovers something that changes everything. Can the beautiful economist he hired fix the mess, or are they doomed to bankruptcy?

Hailey is under a lot of pressure at work. Not the least of which comes directly from her new boss. She’s dreamed of being a successful businesswoman, but now her heart wants more. Can she have love and a career, or will she have to choose?

Can Ian and Calla find love together, or will the secret she is keeping rip them apart?

CALLA VAUGHN has spent the last three years desperately trying to get her life in order so that she can go back to culinary school. No matter how hard she works, though, she feels like she is just treading water and can’t see any way out of the hole dug for her by a con artist who stole her identity.

When flowers she sends to her best friend with a dinner invitation accidentally get delivered to IAN JONES, she decides to cook him the best meal he’s ever had. By the time she admits that the flowers were never for him, he is as convinced as she is that God orchestrated the mistake in the first place.

All that’s left is to tell him the dark secret about her father’s widow. She waits a little too long, though, and is carted off to jail for questioning on felony charges before she gets a chance.
Will Ian understand her situation, or will the deception surrounding Calla destroy any trust he has in her?

One life in chaos. One second-chance at love. One desperate decision that could tear it all apart. 

Chase Hunter embodies the American dream. Growing up on a ranch nestled in the foothills of Wyoming, free to explore the vast wilderness around him, he has it all – excellent grades, star athleticism, and a beautiful girl on his arm.

But when creditors come for the ranch and his entire world is shattered, Chase must leave it all to find new meaning in his life. His search will take him to the Special Forces, to the hell-fires of Afghanistan, and into the arms of the lovely Tess. The wounds of war, however, are not so easy to overcome.

Will brotherhood and love be enough to rebuild his shattered life?

Or will the scars he carries prove too great for even love to heal?

Lying on her job application wasn’t the best way to kick off her fresh start in a small town, but Heather Smith is out of options. She desperately needs the job, or she will soon be without a place to live. Even so, Heather truly likes Elizabeth Harland, the old woman who hired her as her caregiver, and is eager to work hard and prove she’s right for the task.

Now, if she could just figure out why a local farmer keeps casting suspicious glares her way…

Sure, Grayson McCade has his hands full with his farm. That doesn’t change the fact that he considers the residents of Harland Creek family, and he takes time to look out for them all. The second he learns a newcomer has been hired to care for Elizabeth, he worries the kind-hearted old woman is being scammed.

Acting on what he believes to be the best of intentions, he sets out to uncover the truth about Heather’s past. Will the secrets revealed tarnish Heather’s new start before it even begins? Or will Grayson help make Harland Creek the home her heart longs for?

How much will she risk to save her sister?

Mae Ashton has every reason to stay in Georgia and marry the man she loves, save one—the disappearance of her sister. Although all evidence points to Hazel’s death, Mae’s discovery of a single picture changes everything. If Hazel is alive, Mae will find her. And she’s left everything to do so.

Davis Everleigh isn’t about to let Mae, his fiancée, go just because of a note that hardly explains her departure to New York City. Instead, he follows her to the city and gains employment with the man Mae believes is somehow connected to Hazel.

As Davis and Mae become further entrenched in their effort to locate Hazel, they find themselves facing a corrupt businessman and his ruthless henchman, Alberto Moretti. In a world of lies, will the truth prevail—both about Hazel and in their own lives?

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March 4, 2022

Forbidden love, adventure, and heartwarming romance in the Old West

Escape to the Colorado Territory with the first THREE books in the Gilbert Girls series! These sweet and clean historical romances have everything you love:

-handsome cowboys
-strong heroines
-thrilling danger and adventure
-forbidden love
-and romance that will warm your heart!

To help sell war bonds at the height of WWII, New York Post reporter Bryce Richard is tapped to promote the fake romance of a decorated army veteran and a Wyoming cowgirl. But when Bryce falls in love with the lady, he must find a way to stop her impending wedding. Can a true greenhorn cowboy up to the challenge?
Lucy Daniels finally has the attention of her old high school crush. Even better, a national newspaper wants to promote them as a couple and use their budding love affair to help in the war effort. Lucy is head-over-heels…until she realizes her Prince Charming is the wrong Mr. Right, after all. It may be too late, though, to stop a fairy-tale romance that is spinning out of control.
A heartwarming romance worthy of the Hallmark Channel, Love, Lies, & Typewriters is a funny, inspirational story about real love and real courage at a transformational time in America.

Can a pistol-packing spinster and an adventure-loving reporter find love amidst the mishaps and trials of the Santa Fe railroad’s ill-fated inaugural excursion?
Mary Owen has a ticket to ride the Santa Fe train on a sight-seeing excursion from Topeka, Kansas to Pueblo, Colorado. She intends to live life unrestrained on this trip because it may be her only chance unless she can convince her father to let her choose her own husband. A future of cooking and babies and small-town life is not what she wants.
News reporter, Wyatt Cross bought the last ticket for the excursion, hoping one of the 84 women (he knows because he checked before buying his ticket for this scenic tour) would be someone he could love and who would share his sense of adventure. This is a last-ditch effort to keep his father happy and to preserve his inheritance. While waiting to board, he notices a tall, beautiful woman, Mary. The speed her hands move while she speaks fascinates him. Hope sparks inside of him. Maybe the trip will turn out to be more than a scenic ride up the mountain.
Climb aboard and read this romantic adventure for only $2.99
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All net proceeds from the sale of this cookbook will benefit the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

Enjoy favorite recipes from the authors of The Orchard Brides, sweet/inspirational romance series, including:

Yam and Apple Casserole ~ Papersack Apple Pie
Apple Caramel Jam ~ Apple Muffins
Apple Butter ~ Waldorf Salad
German Pancakes with Apple Filling ~ Apple Cobbler
Avocado Walnut Toast ~ Avocado Summer Salad
Peach Crisp ~ Peach Cobbler
Pear Butter ~ Pear Salsa
Mini Poached Pear Pies ~ Pork Chop and Pear Casserole
Savory Spiced Pecans ~ Texas Pecan Cake
Lemon Meringue Pie ~ Lemon Squares

And, because twenty recipes weren’t enough…
Caramel Apple Cinnamon Roll Lasagna
Holy Guacamole
Peach Candy Fruit Gelee
Roasted Parsnip and Pear Soup
Candied Pecans
Lemon Curd

Will the Winchester Stage Line, deliver this bride to safety or disaster?

Nothing is ever as it seems

Range detective, Zane McClure, wants to bring an outlaw to justice. While Katrina wants to find her brother’s killer.

The only way they can accomplish their mission is to join forces, even if it means a fake engagement.

When they are forced into a marriage of convenience, could it possibly turn into the real thing? Or are there too many obstacles for them to overcome?


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March 2nd, 2022

Courtney Mills is not a murderer.
Of course, convincing her fiancé’s family that she had nothing to do with his death is a different matter. They are bound to put a noose around her neck, and she can’t defend herself. There is only one thing to do. Run far away and stay hidden. She needs a plan… Become a mail-order bride.

Denton Reed catches criminals for a living, and when a wealthy family hires him to find the number one suspect in their father’s murder, Denton jumps into action. But, it appears the only way to catch her is to convince her that he’s part of her plan to become a mail-order bride. There’s no harm in pretending… or is there?

“Brandy, I caution you. Get hold of your temper. Don’t do anything you’ll regret.”

Whiskey heiress Brandy Dardanelle has been abandoned at the altar.

Seething from the sting to her family honor, she follows the lickspittle’s trail to Denver.

However, she doesn’t even have time to unpack when she sees the errant ex-fiancé getting on another train.

Afraid of losing her prey, Brandy brashly jumps aboard too.

Successful rancher Samuel Elliott, Jr., returning home after negotiating the cattle deal of a lifetime, must now convince his neighbors he’s wise enough and mature enough to handle the details. 

When the pretty but sassy heiress confronts Sam on the platform, their wildly confusing argument blindsides him. Worse, Tess Hartford storms up, demanding Sam’s proposal. Again.

In a desperate move to free himself of the lovesick girl, he announces his engagement to Brandy.

The news streaks through the valley like lightning, backing Sam into a corner.

Would Brandy be willing to stay long enough to help him bluff his way through a fake romance?

Sam just needs her for a few days…

Grab this Christian Clean and Wholesome Historical Western Romance in The Broad Street Boardinghouse Series today!

When Hannah McGibbon is forced out of her family home, she has nowhere to go. In a moment of desperation, she responds to an advertisement for a matchmaking service.

Widower Seth Temple needs a wife. Not for himself, but as a mother for his 7-year-old, emotionally challenged son. At the urging of his housekeeper, he sends in his application to be matched to a like-minded woman.

Unfortunately, what they both want is not what they get. Due to an unforeseeable mix-up with the usually stellar matchmaking service, Hannah is sent to Colorado rather than California. And, Seth is sent a young, red-headed spitfire, rather than the mature woman with a background in education he’d requested.

What will happen when he explains to Hannah that love and romance are low on his priority list and not part of his plan for a wife? And, once the matching service offers to set things right, will Hannah want to leave?