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June 12, 2022

Surrendering to the tide of life might just make all their dreams come true. 

Lily is preparing for the high season at Glass Beach Cottage and looking forward to her son’s upcoming visit, when she’s hit with an unwelcome surprise—her estranged sister is back.

Wendy’s arrival, and plan to stay indefinitely, frustrates Lily beyond belief and adds to the chaos of her busiest time of year. While the two sisters navigate living under the same roof, Mac surprises Lily with a proposal that promises to make all their dreams come true.

Then, during the arrival of her first guests, an untimely event forces Lily to rely on Wendy for help—not something she’s happy about, not at all! To make matters worse, Mac’s daughter, Missy, threatens to dismantle their future.

After a particularly nasty encounter, Lily realizes she can’t move forward and make a life with Mac with his daughter making constant trouble. She’s looking for stability, not turmoil, but the thought of breaking the heart of the man she loves shatters her.

Lily and Mac have a vision for the future and a dream that grew from their first walk on the beach. Will the strength of their love and commitment be enough to withstand the forces that want to tear them apart?



He needs a fresh start and she’s weighing up her future.

Andy Bird is about to discover not all vacations are meant to be peaceful.

Ready for a change of pace, Andy heads for the Windham home in South Carolina to restore a pair of vintage cars. Unable to say no to his old college friend, he is looking forward to the break.

What he finds is anything but simple. For days a mysterious intruder has been spotted lurking near the garage.

Andy is thrown into a desperate situation made worse by the resurfacing of old feelings for Bunny Windham.

She was the one who got away. His true crush he never stopped thinking about.

Will Andy’s arrival save the Windhams from looming danger or will his growing feelings for Bunny overwhelm them all?

No one ever said love was fair.



♥ Can one radio show host wrangle two hearts and help them beat as one? ♥

When Wade Garrett took over the family ranch, he knew he’d need help. He can tell you anything you need to know about breeding, raising, and selling cattle. He can even wrangle a wild horse or ten every year. He just can’t wrangle numbers into proper columns and have them all add up.

Enter Ainsley Jones. New in Sweetwater, the office manager from Los Angeles is out of her element and loves every second of it—except the moments when her boss can’t speak a civil word to her.

When Wade hears about the local Dial-a-Deal host and her ad-hock romantic advice success, he starts selling off everything he can find—even sneaks a few things out of Granny’s basement—just to have an excuse to call in and get Vi’s help.

Will this impromptu decluttering jag get rid of some of his personal baggage along with twenty sleeping bags and an antique egg scale? Enough for him to admit that she’s the one thing he doesn’t want to declutter from his life or his heart?



She was so innocent, lovely and gentle — and the one woman that stirred his heart towards love. But he’d hurt her. Would he get a second chance to right old wrongs?

The day Dakota Callahan left their small town, Sarah was glad.

He was the man she had secretly loved for years. He saved her from the horrible man who tried to kidnap her as a teenager.

But the last time she saw him, Dakota had been facing so much grief, loss and pain that he had overstepped his boundaries with her.

It had shaken Sarah to her core.

Now two years later, Dakota was back. To her, this man was larger than life and twice as dangerous.

Sarah was worried that she would fall for him a second time. This time she feared, the heartache would be more than she could bear.

Dakota couldn’t believe he was back in their small town. Worse, that he found himself on the mountain, hurt and in pain.

As a former FBI agent, he was used to tracking criminals and finding missing persons. Being weak and vulnerable was something he hated.

So, when the beautiful Sarah MacDonald finds him limping and in pain, trying to walk down the mountain, he chafes at having to depend on her for help.

Sarah insisted Dakota come to stay with her grandfather Angus MacDonald and her in their small cabin until he was fully healed.

When an angry man — a neighbor on the mountain — tries to force Sarah to marry him, Dakota steps in and offers the unthinkable… a marriage of convenience.

Trouble comes their way and Dakota has to use all his skills to keep Sarah close to protect her, while still protecting his heart.

Will being forced together tear Dakota and Sarah apart, or throw them towards true love?



New Release Books

June 5, 2022

As arable farmland grows scarce, the United States opens up former sections of Indian Territory for homesteading. Those who want to claim land must make a run for it.

Should she claim her own land when he has a claim on her heart?

Rose Calloway feels guilty about living off her sister, Marigold’s, meager schoolmarm’s wages. In spite of taking in sewing, it is not enough to support herself. She sees little future for marriage in a town where people are still struggling from the latest economic depression. She responded to a matrimonial advertisement, and after corresponding for several months, sees great promise for her future with Joshua Kent.

Joshua Kent, landless and working as a farrier, sees promise in the land run planned for the Cherokee Outlet in Oklahoma Territory. Knowing once he claims his land, he will need a wife, he places a matrimonial advertisement. He soon decides Rose Calloway is the woman he wishes to marry. However, once he realizes there might be more applicants than there is available land, he warns Rose he can only marry if he is successful claiming his own homestead.

Marigold, realizing the land run will bring new families, sees there will be a need for teachers and a chance to achieve her dream. She decides to make her own land claim and insists Rose is welcome to join her.

Rose is homeless unless she marries or goes with her sister. She holds a certificate for the latest Oklahoma land run in one hand and the final letter from Joshua Kent in the other. Her dream is to marry Joshua, not own land. What will she do now?



When Landry Burke’s favorite Aunt Tildie passes away, Landry inherits the entire estate. It includes a five story apartment building named Magnolia Place, as well as a bookstore across the street named Jasmine Bloom Books, both located in Bobwhite Mountain, Tennessee.

Landry packs up and leaves Bent Branch, SC for the hills of Tennessee. On her very first day there, she and her aunt’s attorney, Adam Wilcox, find the body of one of Magnolia Place’s employees. Between her panic attacks, anxiety and trying to adjust to her new surroundings, Landry wants this murder solved and fast.

Sheriff Wyatt Collins and his deputies are on the case. Now, if they can just keep Landry from trying to help and causing danger to herself.

And Jasmine Bloom’s manager, and late Aunt Tildie’s best friend, Ms. Millie, is convinced that Landry is trying to get her killed because of all the zany situations they find themselves in.

Take a visit to Bobwhite Mountain and find out what all of the fuss is about.



Lexi Carter was sure of two things. One, she loved her boyfriend, Shane, and two, although she planned an elaborate trip to see the Coke Zero 400, she knew nothing about cars. Nothing. After she catches Shane sneaking off with another woman, Lexi now has two choices—go on this expensive, already-paid-for trip or be out thousands of dollars. Not wanting to waste money, and figuring she can just skip the race, Lexi packs her bags and heads off to sunny Daytona, Florida, and her fabulous rented beach house.

Racecar owner and driver Max Stone has one thing on his mind—the NASCAR Championship Series at the end of the year. He has all the qualifying points needed, several wins under his belt, and was in the prime of his career. At least he was until the association found tainted gas in his race car after the last race. His crew chief isn’t talking and although he knew nothing of the gas, Max is facing a horrible scandal and one that could end his season. To hide away from the press, he flees his home to hide out in a rented beach house in Daytona while he awaits his trial.

When the pair find out that the travel agent double booked their private beach house, they must either spend their vacations together under one roof or find other accommodations. With the race coming up, however, any available rooms are lackluster at best. Can they make the most of an awkward situation? And will Max get the okay to race again before it’s too late?



A devastating secret. Heartbreak, lies and unfulfilled lives. Will the family come together or fragment beyond repair?

When Natalie discovers her fiancé has been leading a double life, she retreats to the sprawling mansion on Nantucket owned by her grandparents, Emmeline and Victor. Despite her grandmother’s warm welcome, Natalie finds that her childhood memories of a happy home are a thing of the past. All is not well between the long-married couple.

Needing time to heal from her broken heart, Natalie starts a dog-walking business, much to her mother’s displeasure. She is befriended by the local Vet, Jake, who is immediately captivated by the new girl in this small seaside town. But just as the fledgling romance blossoms, Victor is rushed to hospital.

The police start questioning the entire family, including Emmeline’s first love who runs the local bookshop. Natalie fears something very troublesome is going on.

Who wants Victor out of the way, and why?

As Natalie and Jake dig deeper into her grandfather’s past, they unearth a history of heartbreak, lies, and unfulfilled lives.

But the biggest secret of all is yet to be exposed.

This devastating discovery will shake Natalie’s faith in marriage to the core. But could it also be the catalyst for much-needed change that will finally unite a fragmented family?



Is it possible to forget your past when confronted with your future?

Always the odd man out, Jake Nelson abandoned a life of bull riding in favor of becoming a neurologist. But when he receives word that the hospital where he’s employed doesn’t have enough work to keep him on full time, he decides to look for part-time work elsewhere. He’s surprised when a position as a ranch hand practically falls into his lap. The job makes him happier than he’s ever been, but it also brings a lot of guilt and confusion. Can he turn his back on neurology after just starting his work at Alpine Hospital? Or is there a way to combine the two very different worlds somehow? With such deep questions on his mind, Jake can’t even imagine finding love. But a certain radiologist catches his eye, and he finds himself willing to lose both worlds just to be with her.

McKenzie Andrews, head of the radiology department at Alpine Hospital, has sworn off men forever. After a horrible experience seven years earlier, she absolutely knows she doesn’t need someone in her life. So when Jake Nelson appears out of nowhere, she tells herself she’s immune to his charms, dimples, brains, and cowboy hat. Especially the cowboy hat.

A fainting incident prompts her to get an MRI, and when it pulls up concerning news, McKenzie has every reason to forget Jake. But try as she might, she can’t. If she’s so immune, why does she keep having to remind herself that All Men Cheat? And why does her brain insist on thinking about Jake nearly every waking moment?

A heartwarming collision of Western and medical romance, Falling for Dr. Nelson will have you in love with cowboys and doctors. Grab your copy now to escape into this sweet contemporary romance.



A champion athlete must learn to run toward a different prize.

Matt Dallimore’s life is over. Faced with the inability to walk and months of rehabilitation after a car accident, his future looks bleak. Not only has he lost the ability to run like the wind, but seeing his scarred and atrophied legs every day is a devastating reminder of all he’s lost. World records and Olympic gold are worthless when he can’t even do what he was born to do.

Physiotherapist Brie Mahoney is the epitome of joy. After a cancer scare forces her to confront her mortality, she can’t help but live each day with gratitude. As long as she still has breath in her lungs, she is determined to count each day a blessing. That is until she finds herself taking over the treatment of the champion sprinter and her celebrity crush, Matt Dallimore. His gruff attitude and monosyllabic responses don’t align with the amicable man she’s seen on television, but she’s determined to break through his wall of self-preservation and show him there is hope.

Brie knows he’s hurting, yet she yearns for Matt to realise he is worth far more than worldly accolades. When circumstances bring them together, how can Brie keep her emotions in check and guard her heart when she’s admired Matt from afar for so many years?

Tethered Hearts – book two in the Hearts on the Line series – is an inspiring Christian medical romance with real-to-life, challenging issues that will draw you closer to the Father’s heart.



New Release Books

May 29, 2022

Kennedy Fletcher and Shayla Reese were born and raised in New Jersey. Six months after graduating from Bloomsburg University with degrees in Film & Creative Writing, the suburban raised Christian girls head out to Hollywood to live the life of their dreams as screenwriters. Kennedy, the responsible and mature one, meets Chad Lawson, a young entrepreneur who’s a Hollywood executive who works at MGM and has a first-look deal at HBO. Immediately, sparks fly, and they begin a courtship as Chad shows Kennedy the Hollywood ropes. Shayla, the spontaneous and abrasive one, falls for his cocky, rich friend, Lincoln DeSanto, who is a rising A-List actor and just landed a $5 million movie contract and a role in a killer TV series.

Kennedy is falling for Chad more and more each day. Until she meets Keith, a controlling and narcissistic lawyer, who will stop at nothing to woo her. Chad feels her pulling away, but Kennedy places too much confidence in her flesh as she struggles to decide which guy is better – the one who feeds her spirit and soul or the one who feeds her flesh and fantasies? After Shayla lands a job on Lincoln’s next movie, she finds herself drowning in his lies and the glitz and glamour of Hollywood scandals, not to mention a tragedy that leaves Shayla facing prison time. Will these two girls be able to stand on the promise they made to their parents and to God to stay true to their faith or will they end up working for the devil full-time in a world full of lust, lies and Hollywood pandemonium?



Having life experience was something Crystal could understand, but it didn’t mean she had to like it.
Challenges she faced brought her on a closer walk with God. The norm for her seemed to consist of of doctor’s visits and a long list of don’ts.

Was it so bad for her to want a normal life instead of dreaming about what it could have been like?

She had a sassiness and stubborn way about her that came across as direct. She knew life had to be lived to the fullest regardless of how she was perceived.

Along her journey she stumbled upon two friends with a little nudge of faith. Could this friendship be the bond to give her a chance to live the life she’s only dreamt about?



She had to lose everything to figure out what truly mattered…

Rachel Whitney is lost. Alone. She needs a place to heal and figure out where her life went wrong. Where she went wrong. But the emotional—and financial—scars her late husband inflicted on her complicate everything. Now, her only sanctuary is the last place she ever wanted to see again.

Sandpiper Cottage.

She’s not surprised to find the house her aunt left her in disrepair. It’s also just her luck that the only available handyman was once the boy who let his friends torment her in high school.

She can now confidently say her misery is complete.

But the good thing about rock bottom is that there’s only one place left to go. And it’s not long before she realizes it is possible to build a beautiful life for herself—maybe even a life that includes a second chance at love.

The only real question now is if that life will be at Sandpiper Cottage, or somewhere else?

Return to Sandpiper Cottage is an angsty but wholesome and enchanting Contemporary Women’s Fiction novel. Readers of all ages and backgrounds will love the empowering message at its heart.
This women’s friendship fiction book will bring you all the feels. If you love women’s fiction with a side of clean romance, this is a great fit for you.



New Release Books

May 22, 2022

What do you do when you and your twin sister are attracted to the same man?
Fight it out of course…
Or there’s always the nicer option of helping your much quieter sister catch the guy.

Identical twins, Paige and Pam, have been inseparable their whole lives. Paige is outgoing and bubbly, whereas Pam is quiet and insecure. They share everything from clothes, to shoes, to the peaches in their family’s orchard. But when it comes to men, Pam has always backed down. Unfortunately, they have the same taste as far as the male species goes as well.

But this time, Paige feels like it’s her sisterly duty to help Pam catch the guy, even if Chase Spencer is likely the most attractive man to walk the face of the planet. He’s tall, dark, and has the dreamiest blue eyes Paige has ever seen. But when she discovers how over the moon Pam is for him, she devises a plan to help her sister come out of her shell, coaching her in ways to attract a man, even if that involves pretending to be Pam when the need calls for it.

Too bad in all her attempts to help her sister, Paige has fallen even harder for Chase, and even worse, he seems to have fallen hard for her as well, thinking she’s her twin. Now she’s torn between telling Chase and Pam the truth and risk losing both of their trust forever, or keeping her secret going while hoping everything somehow works out. Yeah, not likely…
Oh, the webs we weave…



Jezzy Watson, a fiery, sports agent from Philadelphia, rose to the top of her game in just three years. She has an inkling for getting some of the best deals in the business and this earns her an “Agent of the Year” honor at New York Fashion Week’s charity event.

It’s been ten years since she’s seen her high school sweetheart, Trent Rucker, who now plays for the New York Giants. As soon as she lays eyes on him at the event, the memories and pain come flooding back. When Trent broke up with her on prom night, he not only broke her heart, but his promise to go to college in New York with her so they could conquer the sports world together.

Upon reconnecting, Jezzy makes it clear she’s very much in love with her fiancé, Marcus. When Trent pays her a visit at her office bearing flowers as a peace offering, she immediately shuts him down. But Trent is more determined than ever to make things right with Jezzy, at least to maintain a friendship. However, his actions to do so show not only him, but his fiancée Kelli, that a friendship is not the only thing he wants.

Love and pain resurface in this novel where Trent will soon learn that he may have completely fouled out.



Her voice saved him once…. Is he strong enough now to return the favor?

Following the mine’s collapse, Damien Cross lay between life and death, drifting in and out of consciousness in the makeshift hospital bed. Suddenly a voice captured his attention – a woman was singing. It was the most beautiful song he’d ever heard. The lyrical notes stirred something deep inside of him, willing him to live. If he could just hang on to the angel’s voice a little longer…

Five years have passed since that fateful day, and Damien can no longer stand to be confined anywhere – or beholden to anyone. He much prefers the company of horses to humans. However, in his dreams he still hears the voice of the angel, like a salve for his bitter, broken heart. One day as he is walking past the town’s saloon on his way to the bank, the sounds of music within drifts outside, and a woman begins to sing. Shocked, Damien recognizes her voice – his angel.

Violet Lovelace is struggling to make ends meet following the carriage accident that claimed the life of her father and left her mother in a wheelchair. Teaching voice lessons to children isn’t enough to pay for the pain medication her mother so desperately needs. When Violet is offered a job singing at the local saloon, she accepts despite her misgivings. But what other choice does she have?

Join Damien and Violet on their journey of discovering the light of hope in the throes of darkness and the triumphant power of love.



New Release Books

May 15, 2022

Cher Crawford started her wedding planner business right out of college with every penny she’d scrimped and saved and now she was finally on her way to the top- the rich and famous. Her new client could put her there. But this was the biggest job of her career, she would have to pull out everything she had to accomplish the wedding of the century. Which meant she really didn’t have time for him.

Christian Abbott was frustrated that his college degree was being wasted because his father refused to make any changes and expand the family Orchard. He had a plan, a good sound plan and wanted to see It through. He wanted to save the Orchard that had been in his family for seventy-five years. To do this things needed to change…but She definitely wasn’t the change he had in mind.

Can they set aside their ambition in time to see what is right in front of them?



Can love strike twice?

Web designer and single mom Kim Dawson has been struck by love before. It left her widowed and struggling to provide for her daughter Zoey. Eight years later, she’s too busy providing everything she can for Zoey. Everything that is, except for a father, and Zoey knows just who that should be.

Knox Taylor has begrudgingly returned home to the Orchard and has no plans to stay. Teaching horse riding lessons is something to pass the time until he can return to the rodeo. When he meets Kim, he can’t deny the sparks, or the fact that Zoey’s got him wrapped around her little finger.

Kim refuses to acknowledge the sparks flying when she’s around Knox. After all he’s not sticking around, and it’s not just her heart on the line, it’s Zoey’s too.

Can Kim risk being struck by love a second time when she knows he’s leaving?



Her first rule for a picture-perfect romance: Don’t fall for your best friend’s brother.

For most of her life, Aspen has hidden her feelings for the striking firefighter who is the older brother of her best friend. But when she quits her job to pursue photography full-time, she’s certain that getting away from her beach town is the answer for moving on with her heart.

It’s the perfect plan until her beloved great-aunt dies, leaving Aspen a beautiful inn on the beach. To complicate things, Matt has been living there in return for being the resident security guard and handyman. Moving in was not part of Aspen’s plan, but she’s left with no choice.

Despite her best efforts, she can’t get away from Matt, but there’s no way she’d risk her friendship with him to reveal her true feelings.

It’s only when he offers to help her win a photography competition will she consider breaking her first rule of love. But she’s not sure she wants to take a chance with her heart.

Matt has always been tough under pressure. So why did he have a soft spot for Aspen? Despite his attempts to avoid her, their two worlds collide when Aspen inherits the inn. Now, he’s not only living down the hall from her, he’s bumping into her at every turn. In the hallway. At breakfast. In the middle of the night. It’s enough to make his defenses crumble. But is he brave enough to confess his feelings and compete for her love?

Helping her sell the inn and pursue her dream would be the perfect gift for Aspen. Except now that he’s near her, he doesn’t want to let her go.

The Inn at Wild Harbor combines forced proximity, a romance between best friends, and a tough but tender hero to give you a sweet romance story with a happily ever after.



Brooklyn and Barry are back. After two years of marriage, they’re about to welcome their first child into the family. Even with a bundle of joy on the way, all isn’t going so well in the Carter household. Brooklyn is suffering from antepartum depression and no matter how happy Barry and others try to make her, she’s sinking deeper and deeper into a pit of darkness. Barry’s been hanging around with a new potential client – Diamond Richardson – an Olympic swimmer who doesn’t seem to care that Barry’s married. Brooklyn’s mother was released from prison a year ago on good behavior – now, she wants to move in with Brooklyn and Barry doesn’t seem to think it’s an issue, which causes another rift in their marriage. But when the police show up at the door causing Brooklyn to go into labor early, will Barry still think she’s worthy of another chance? Can Brooklyn handle the new set of demons that have emerged along with the joys of motherhood? Or will she succumb to the pressure that’s trying to take her out?



New Release Books

May 8, 2022

Amber has no interest in falling for a cowboy. Her life was in the city. Her responsibility was family. Slowly, as the hectic pace of the city ebbed away, Amber discovered the beauty in the orchard and a friendship with a man of integrity, Brandon Jacobs.

Brandon agrees to help Amber find a lost treasure buried somewhere in the orchard. What was buried was not what Camilla, Amber’s grandmother, remembered. The real treasure to be discovered was buried in the Legacy of Love, which Amber’s grandparents had poured into the orchard and their family.

Would Brandon and Amber open their hearts to find their legacy buried within each other and the old Apple Orchard?



She’s from the rival ranch next door. He’s trying to save his family legacy. Will his secret ruin their chance at happiness?

Adeline Callahan is hardworking, beautiful, speaks her mind, and desperately needs a husband. None of her sisters can even date until there’s a ring on her finger. But the local boys are scared of her headstrong nature and her tough, ranch-owning father.

Sean Baker is bound and determined to do anything it takes to keep his family ranch thriving. As the oldest of six boys, he’s in charge after his dad passed away suddenly the previous year. All his brothers have found their soul mates, but Sean has sacrificed a social life and the horse training he loves to fill his dad’s shoes.

One day, Adeline from the rival ranch next door approaches Sean with a proposition. Marry her, combine the ranches, and everyone will benefit. A modern day arranged marriage of sorts. Sean laughs and tells her no way.

But then he learns a secret that threatens to destroy his family. Suddenly, Adeline’s crazy marriage idea doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.

Can he win her heart and solve both of their problems? Or will his secret ruin their chance for love…



This book is a re-release. Previously titled “For Brooklyn’s Love”

Brooklyn Myers loves her best friends, Tessa and Laila. They are indeed sisters. They’ve each been on a journey of self-discovery since graduating from college. After a year of struggling to find work in their fields, Brooklyn is the first to find her groove and take a leap of faith into entrepreneurship. She writes a book, Brooklyn’s Basement, based on the four years she spent in a sex trafficking ring and launches an online boutique called, Brooklyn’s Closet. With Tessa and Laila as her business managers, things are starting to look up for them. Then, one cold weekend in the fall, she goes to a business conference hosted in downtown Philadelphia. There, she meets Barry Carter, a handsome businessman, and owner of, Carter Sports Management & Consulting. They bump into each other at the food truck on their lunch break. As they share their personal stories over lunch, Barry notices a sadness in Brooklyn that makes him want to explore her world. He listens to her heart and decides that even with his recent heartbreak, she’s worth pursuing.

Months go on, and Brooklyn and Barry get more acquainted, learning each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Despite his recent breakup months prior, he knows that Brooklyn is worth the pursuit. Just as their love journey goes deeper, Barry’s ex, Simone, shows up, begging him to take her back. Brooklyn does her best to endure Simone’s antics, but after she’s confronted by Simone while working with a major client, she walks away, not caring that Barry can’t control Simone’s actions. She’s had enough. As weeks go by, Barry becomes more determined to fight for the woman he knows is meant to be his wife. He’ll do anything to get her back – even if it means he has to risk getting hurt again. Will Brooklyn realize that bumps and bruises come with real, God-fearing love or will she allow the past that haunts her to push away the man she knows God sent her?



New Release Books

May 1, 2022

Kristen Matthews is a single mother of a very precocious five-year old named, Daisy. When Kristen and Daisy relocate to Last Chance Beach to live with Kristen’s eccentric aunt, Kristen has her reservations. The move brings them in close proximity to her ex-boyfriend’s rich family. Given Daisy’s father never wanted a permanent arrangement, neither he nor Kristen ever told his family about Daisy’s birth.

Ellis Tait has taken over the management of all of Tait Holding’s businesses since his father’s passing. His step-mother prefers her Summerville mansion. His playboy brother hasn’t been seen or heard from in nearly five years, preferring to travel around Europe squandering his inheritance. After a number of intense business negotiations, Ellis travels to the family’s vacation home on Last Chance Beach for a few weeks of relaxation—not that he ever truly relaxes.

When Kristen and Ellis meet for the first time, Kristen’s determined to keep the secret of Daisy’s heritage to herself. However, the more she gets to know Ellis, the more she realizes he’s nothing at all like his younger brother.

A modern twist on the classic Sabrina. Can this single-mom avoid her ex’s family and hide the fact that her daughter is an heiress to the family fortune? Or, will the island magic of Last Chance Beach unite an overworked mom and the workaholic family patriarch in time for a happily-ever-after?



Piper, a single mom focused on caring for her mother who has dementia, doesn’t have time to fall in love. She knows it’s for the best for her to focus on her daughter, Cedar, and not get caught up in dating again. Her past choices in men were doozies. From the guys that wouldn’t keep a job, to the men willing to scare, intimidate, or hit her, Piper doesn’t know how to find someone different from those guys.

Corbin is a paramedic in Double Creek. He picked a small town to settle down in because he has visions of a family in his mind. Small town life isn’t what Corbin expected it to be, but when an elderly patient needs Corbin’s help on an old pear farm, he jumps to action.

Come back to Double Creek for another adventure. You’ll see more of Megan and Ben, and find out if Piper and Corbin get their happily ever after in Picking Pears with Piper.



Two shattered hearts. A family with secrets.
A second chance for this cowboy to fix the mistakes from his past
and seize the future of his dreams.

Virgil Redstar has spent most of his life on Whistle Rock Ranch. Breeding and training some of the most spectacular Paint horses in the country tests his talent while soothing the hole in his soul. His return from college and promotion to foreman provides everything he needs. Almost.

Almost nine years after he shattered her heart, Lily Cardoza’s life is a success. Her work as a nurse challenges and fulfills her. She enjoys rides with her best friend, Daisy Bonner, and occasional dates with eligible men. All is good in her world. Until the man she still loves presses for another chance.

Taking cautious steps, Virgil and Lily attempt to regain the relationship lost years ago. Rides on the ranch, dinners in town, and evenings spent together begin to heal the deep wounds which have never healed.

What neither Virgil nor Lily know are the dark secrets his father has never shared. Secrets which can end any plan for a second chance.



A secret romance with my boss and a dating jinx … what couldn’t go wrong?

I never expected to move back to my hometown after losing my job, but when the perfect position practically fell into my lap, it seemed meant to be. Now, my new boss is Lucas Abbott—my high school crush and the town’s most eligible bachelor—and the attraction I feel is definitely not one-sided this time.

There are just a few problems.

He’s not allowed to date employees.

His ex-wife won’t keep her nose out of his business.

And then there’s the jinx.

My best friends think I’m crazy for believing we jinxed ourselves. But ever since we made a marriage pact, our dating lives have been one disaster after another. That can’t be a coincidence, right?

Now that THE guy might finally be in my life, I’m nervously waiting for the other shoe to drop. But is the jinx really the problem, or are deeper issues standing in our way?

The Marriage Jinx is a heartwarming closed-door romantic comedy with plenty of cute flirting, swoon-worthy kisses, small-town charm, secret office romance, a fun cast of characters, and a town turkey.



A Debutante facing spinsterhood.

An Arranged Marriage to save the day.

And a groom with the personality of a door stop …

Alice Pratt attended college to get away from her over bearing mother. But she was realizing that might not have been the best idea. Many of her friends were already married or engaged, and helping Mrs. Pettigrew plan a couple of weddings and assisting with her new matchmaking school only drove the point home. Spinsterhood was staring her in the face and there were few eligable bachelors to be had. So when her mother tells her about an arranged marriage she and her father have cooked up, Alice begins to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Problem is, her groom’s allergies are so bad, he can hardly leave his house. He wasn’t much of a conversationalist either. What should she do? Take what her parents offered or risk spinsterhood? Find out in this fun romantic romp as only Kit Morgan can deliver!



Pikes Peak Or Bust! Glory’s father catches a fever—gold fever.
While it’s late in the season to start out, a wagon train forms to head to Colorado. She has no choice but to go with her father, leaving in late July.
The trip will be only 6oo miles. Easily done before snow falls. What could go wrong?
Glory will learn the answer to that on the trail. An answer that leads to a rushed marriage at the wrong time with a man who’s simply Heaven sent.



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April 27, 2022

Pikes Peak Or Bust! Glory’s father catches a fever—gold fever.
While it’s late in the season to start out, a wagon train forms to head to Colorado. She has no choice but to go with her father, leaving in late July.
The trip will be only 6oo miles. Easily done before snow falls. What could go wrong?
Glory will learn the answer to that on the trail. An answer that leads to a rushed marriage at the wrong time with a man who’s simply Heaven sent.



He’s ready to settle down. Her first love is music. When he brings home a gold digger to meet the folks, will the hired help put a song in his soul?

Randy Easton is a rancher at heart. So when the wealthy Texan decides to propose to his high-maintenance girlfriend, he takes her to the family homestead hoping she’ll embrace the quiet wide-open spaces. But after her loathing for horses shatters his dreams, he finds himself drawn to a melodious singing voice coming from the kitchen.

Becky Monroe has found her groove as personal chef to rich cattlemen. But the aspiring songwriter’s perfect pitch screeches out of tune when the ruggedly handsome heir rides in, accompanied by a backstabbing spitfire. And when her employers leave on an extended vacation, she’s trapped serving the hunky cowboy and the vegan vixen with a predator’s thirst for the kill.

Though Randy strikes a fast friendship with the country-gal cook, he struggles to search for his suddenly missing parents while keeping his would-be bridezilla happy. And as Becky does her best to maintain a professional distance, she can’t help but feel that falling for the boss’s gorgeous son has all the ingredients for happily ever after.

Will this star-crossed couple discover that together they hit all the right notes?

A Cowboy’s Recipe for Romance is the charming first book in the Billionaire’s Venture Romance series. If you like endearing heroes, scheming villains, and Lone Star love stories, then you’ll adore Amy Proebstel’s sweet ride into the sunset.

Enjoy A Cowboy’s Recipe for Romance to sing a sizzling duet today!



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April 24, 2022


Tori Bevan must have heard her grandmother say that phrase more times than she could count growing up on Bevan Pear Farms. Every year Grandma Bevan went for the coveted Clarksville Pear Festival Best Pear Pie award. And every year she’d lose to Ben Holden—the owner of Holden Acres, another pear farm and her enemy for over seventy years. Tori believes this year she has the blue ribbon in the bag. Only one problem stands in her way . . . Dane Holden, Ben’s grandson, waltzing back in town, much to Tori’s disliking.

Dane Holden never had an interest in his grandparent’s pear farm. He moved away a long time ago with no plans to ever go back to his small hometown. However, after a couple of poor business deals leave the young entrepreneur jobless and homeless, he has no choice but to say yes when his grandpa asks him to come home for the festival.

Just when the sparks begin to fly between Tori and Dane, Dane’s past comes back to haunt him, throwing a curve ball in Tori’s plans for the festival and contest. Will the Holden’s claim another coveted blue ribbon, or will a new champion reign over this year’s festival?



Years ago love blossomed on a ranch in Montana and then college and life pushed Renee and Hank to go their separate ways. Twenty years later they’re both back where they fell in love but reality is like a spring frost and is a long-distance relationship their only option for their second chance?

Renee Mitchell has returned to the small Montana town of River Junction to take over her family’s orchard. With big dreams for the future, she plants a large parcel of land with new apple trees. No sooner is the job done, when a herd of cattle from the neighboring ranch breaks through a fence line and creates mulch from the tiny saplings. With a streak of stubbornness as wide as the Colorado River, Renee’s determined to be a success. Even when her first love shows up with the offer to pay for replacement trees and lend muscle to replant.

Hank Shepard left River Junction at eighteen and, except for losing his chance with Renee Mitchell, he’s lived life with zero regrets. He takes a short-term leave of absence from his law practice, returning to his family ranch to help his dad get back on his feet. The last thing he expects while he’s there is to reconnect with the woman he let get away. But wayward Shephard Ranch cattle bring him full circle back to Renee.

Hank is determined to make amends for the destruction to her orchard and for how they left things almost twenty years ago. It doesn’t take long for Renee and Hank to rediscover their long dormant feeling are like the orchard after the long winter, ready to flourish.

When it’s time for Hank to return to his law practice, will they be able to make a long-distance relationship work? Or, is the difference between city life and big sky country too much to overcome?



To get away from her late husband’s questionable deeds, Ella Winslow takes her three children and heads west to the unsettled Washington Territory to claim land she believes she’s inherited from her father.

Tucker McAlister was fired from his position as deputy marshal for arresting the mayor’s brother-in-law for spousal abuse. His mentor has found him another job, first escorting the wagon train going west and. then, as the new marshal in the growing town of Tacoma, Washington.

The trail is long and hard, yet Ella is more than up to the task. Still, Tuck feels the need to watch over her and her children, whether she wants him to or not. It isn’t until they arrive in Washington that he realizes his protection will now need to extend even further than the wagon train itself.

Will Ella’s faith allow her to trust again and make a safe home for her family, while welcoming Tuck into her heart?



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April 17, 2022

Can forbidden fruit lead to sweet romance?

After standing up to the wrath of the owner of a private apple orchard where her daughter picked some of the tantalizing, but off-limits, fruit, will Skye Palmer allow the handsome cowboy to atone for making her little girl cry?

New owner of Humble Tree Orchards Troy Sutton feels terrible – he shouldn’t have come down so hard on the child for taking some of his ripe produce – even if the farm’s profit margin is in the red zone. Can he find a way to make it up to her and her gorgeous angry mother? And can they come up with a plan to save the apple orchard before the winter frost arrives?

Sweetness is in the air… and perhaps an “apple-y ever after” might just be possible after all…



Bridgette Olsen leads a quiet life in a rural Texas town with her golden retriever, Cooper. While finishing a degree in investigative journalism, she works at a local bank to help pay the bills. Her social life consists of a monthly bunco game with her coworkers and her best friend, Elena Rodriguez.

On a whim, the bunco group buys a lottery ticket and wins the multimillion-dollar prize. Bridgette knows her life will change, but she doesn’t realize how true that is until she stumbles over the body of her murdered bunco teammate.

Searching for answers, Bridgette discovers things she never knew about the murdered woman. Bodies and suspects begin to pile up, and she becomes a target herself. As she becomes wrapped up in the investigation, she gets closer to handsome police detective Garrett Keyes and finds herself fighting a growing attraction to him.

Haunted by the decades-old kidnapping and murder of her childhood best friend, Bridgette knows she must let go of her survivor’s guilt over both the past murder and the present one and allow God to mend her broken heart if she wants to find answers.

Can she stop the killer before it’s too late?



A decade ago, Romeo Capita and Darcie Montague were the high school “it” couple. He played as the star quarterback for junior and senior years, and she was the team’s unofficial photographer. They had their futures planned until an injury ended his football career, and they went their separate ways.
After six years of international travel to photograph sporting events, Darcie is bone-weary and ready for a change. An ankle injury from a rock climbing job temporarily puts her out of action, and she returns to her hometown to heal. When they are thrown together in planning the town’s pecan festival, sparks fly but can they overcome the hurt from the fractured relationship?



Anna Andros, a new Christian, becomes enraptured by the worship leader on stage each Sunday. His love for the Lord appears as solid as his strong muscles on display each week. The attraction is mutual, and Anna is drawn in by his charm.

Meanwhile, she becomes closer to another man, this one a lifelong Christian and family friend. Conflict arises as she is torn between the two men in her life. Is the worship leader as genuine as he seems? Or is the one she has known for years who God has in mind for her?

A crisis at the church puts things into perspective for Anna. Who is the one who will stand beside her? Why is the pastor turning a blind eye to the hurt Anna endured? Will God answer prayers and give Anna the healing and love she so deserves?



Love and devotion run deep in their families…but so does betrayal.

When Cat Sparrow stormed out of her family home in Cupids Bow Ranch, she took nothing more than a backpack, her songbook, and her late mother’s guitar. Leaving the girl she used to be behind, she drove off into the sunset in her late father’s pickup, heading to Nashville and a new life.

31 years later, Cat is a country and western music star accused of stealing one of her soon-to-be ex-husband’s songs and breaking his heart. Now, needing a place to hide out, Cat has nowhere else to go but her home in Montana.

They say nothing stays the same in the Big Sky country, but Cat could have never guessed that her home would have turned into a country inn. Yet Cat’s world is about to be shaken once more when she collides with the handsome, enigmatic cowboy, David Miller. Cat hasn’t seen Mills in half a lifetime, and she discovers that while new feelings bud between them, so does suspicion.

With the ranches around Lewistown in disarray and her brother under attack in his own land, Cat is not going to stand by and do nothing. But what happens when every clue and piece of information she gathers along the way is pointing to Mills?

Can Cat and David put aside their differences to finally break the curse that has plagued the Sparrow family for generations and mend the heart of the Cupids Bow Ranch?

Read along and find out if Cat and David are willing to risk it all while the invisible force of love pulls them in.



Madison Delise’s world comes crashing down when the man she expected to propose does the exact opposite.

From Amazon #1 Best Selling Author!

Devastated by the breakup of her 14-year relationship, Madison needs to regroup and take stock of what’s become of her life.

Encouraged by her best friend, she decides to take a month-long vacation on the historic Greek island of Rhodes in an attempt at rediscovery.

The chance to find herself amongst the ruins, soak up some sun, and come to terms with what happened is exactly what she needs.

What she doesn’t expect is to meet a gruffly handsome man named Blake Henderson, who’s nothing she’s looking for but might just be everything she needs.

He’s kind, funny, knowledgeable, and empathetic, and she finds herself increasingly drawn to him as she heals.
However, underneath Rhodes’ tranquil exterior is a dark underbelly, and nothing is quite as it seems—even Blake.

When Madison makes a discovery that threatens her life, she flees back to Shelby, the quiet seaside town she grew up in. But what happens in Rhodes doesn’t necessarily stay in Rhodes, and neither does Blake.

After a series of notes summon Blake to Shelby and promise retribution on Madison’s head, she discovers she has a nemesis—and they’re not fussy who they hurt on their way to get to her.

Madison is forced to combat childhood and adulthood fears alike as she fights to protect everyone she loves.

But she’ll only succeed if she lets people in, and that’s the hardest challenge of all…

Attraction, deception, unexpected encounters and a gorgeous holiday setting combine in this clean romance series that will keep you guessing until the last moment!