Author Questions

Do you have questions about booking a free or bargain promotion with Brick & Books?
Check out the list of FAQs below . . .

How long does it take to approve my book? You will have approval within 24 hours.

What days do you send out the newsletters? Discounted books go out every Wednesday and Friday and new releases and full-priced books go out on Sundays.

What does my fee get me? Inclusion in the daily email once plus a mention on our website.

What vendors do you include links for? All our newsletters have links to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Google Play, and Kobo. We do not recommend promoting an ebook if it does not have a link to Amazon.

Can I run my book again? Yes, but each title can only run once every 90 days. An author may submit other titles within the 90 day period, however.

Do we have review requirements? We do not have any requirements for the number of reviews required to submit a book. However, we will be looking through your reviews. We reserve the right to not accept books with a lack of quality cover, where reviews indicate there are quality issues, and if there is steamy content.

What about new releases and preorders? We accept new releases. We do not accept preorders.

Do you accept box sets? Yes.

Does a book have to be a standalone or first book in the series? No. We will accept second, third, fourth, whatever number the book is in the series. We know not all series are the type where all books have to be read in order to enjoy the series.

How many books will I sell? Since every book is different, Brick & Books doesn’t make predictions and we don’t offer a guarantee. We recommend starting out with one book, in one genre, to see if you’re a good fit for our mailing list.

Will I receive a copy of the newsletter with my book in it? Only if you’re subscribed to the newsletter — it’s not automatically sent to you.

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