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“All is fair in love and the Pear Pie Wars.”

Tori Bevan must have heard her grandmother say that phrase more times than she could count growing up on Bevan Pear Farms. Every year Grandma Bevan went for the coveted Clarksville Pear Festival Best Pear Pie award. And every year she’d lose to Ben Holden—the owner of Holden Acres, another pear farm and her enemy for over seventy years. Tori believes this year she has the blue ribbon in the bag. Only one problem stands in her way . . . Dane Holden, Ben’s grandson, waltzing back in town, much to Tori’s disliking.

Dane Holden never had an interest in his grandparent’s pear farm. He moved away a long time ago with no plans to ever go back to his small hometown. However, after a couple of poor business deals leave the young entrepreneur jobless and homeless, he has no choice but to say yes when his grandpa asks him to come home for the festival.

Just when the sparks begin to fly between Tori and Dane, Dane’s past comes back to haunt him, throwing a curve ball in Tori’s plans for the festival and contest. Will the Holden’s claim another coveted blue ribbon, or will a new champion reign over this year’s festival?


After Honorine Camden is jilted, leaving her stunned and sparking a scandal in her tiny London borough of Wallflower, she’s devastated. But when she overhears her father, the stationmaster, talking about arranging a party for their newly-minted underground railway station, she volunteers to help. Although she’s intrigued with the handsome Irish assistant stationmaster, Shane MacIntyre, she never expects to fall head-over-heels in love with him. Unfortunately, one tragic accident might derail everything.


Can true love mend broken hearts?

Read these three full-length novels in the Fulton Ridge Christian romance series and see what draws these couples closer together.

Book 1: The Promotion


She’s climbing the ladder. He’s hit rock bottom. Can unselfish love bring them together?

Adam struggles to reclaim his life after the death of his brother. While he knows he should trust his faith, he turns to the bottle instead. But a chance meeting with an ambitious beauty inspires purpose, happiness, and something more…

Benita won’t rest until she’s reached the top. But with her next promotion opportunity in Spain, she hopes Adam can help her learn a second language. As she studies with every waking moment, she’s surprised how often thoughts of her tutor dance across her mind.

What will happen if she gets the job? Adam’s heart plunges at the thought of Benita moving halfway across the world.

Can they help each other and find a place where love wins at last?

The Promotion is the first heartwarming novel in the Fulton Ridge clean and wholesome Christian romance series. If you like strong female characters, simmering chemistry, and a relationship founded in faith, then you’ll love Laura Domino’s sweet love story.

Read The Promotion to learn the language of love today!

Book 2: The Iceberg


Curtis wants to build his catering business, not get distracted by the beautiful woman next door. When his business partner’s penchant for betting catapults him into an unexpected date with Hannah, Curtis falls in love.

Hannah wants to be left alone in her cocoon of reading and gardening. She never asked to have her life of solitude interrupted. Her heart isn’t ready. Time hasn’t healed all wounds. How will she let go of her past and give love another chance?

Read The Iceberg to see how love melts their hearts.

Book 3: The Renovation


Donovan hasn’t dated since he wrecked the last two attempts. But when he sees Elizabeth, he rethinks his ‘no dating’ policy.

Starting over in a new town means Elizabeth needs to build friendships. When her roommate invites her to join the home improvement ministry, she gets more than she bargained for.

Even though she gets a warning to stay away from her new best friend’s ex-boyfriend, she discovers that romance can be kind, healing, hopeful, and persevering.

Life in Fulton Ridge gets better until gossips ruin her plans.

Read The Renovation to find out how Donovan and Elizabeth work together to tear down the walls gossips are building between them.


A secret Farmhouse full of surprises 

Amanda Winfield´s world is turned upside down when her father passes away. She is thrown a curveball at the reading of his will – it becomes clear that he had secrets. Her beloved father has left a farm in Colorado that nobody knew about, to both her and an unknown woman. Who is she? Why did he not tell them of the farm’s existence?

Amanda leaves behind her busy life and visits the farm and she´s quickly sucked into the charm of the countryside. As Amanda digs deeper into her father´s life, she´ll uncover strange secrets about her family along with unpleasant truths and wage a battle against cruelty and abuse.

On the farm, Amanda discovers that the inner and outer landscapes of life are remarkably similar as she is thrust into an adventure that leads her to discover love, fear, danger, and happiness in the company of some truly wonderful people…and a very creepy villain…

Will her mother recover her health and be able to forgive? Can Amanda regain her trust when everything she’s ever known is called into question? Or will the pain of being lied to sabotage her chance at love? Find out as you join Amanda and her friends in the foothills of Colorado.


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