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When Noel Dupree’s mother passes away from a sudden illness, she inherits the family home and their much-loved florist business. While still in mourning, her unscrupulous father resurfaces after many years’ absence and finds a way to undermine her mother’s will. Without regard for Noel’s welfare, he claims everything is rightly his, and the family lawyer can’t produce documents to prove otherwise.

By invitation from her best friend, Noel makes a hard choice to leave her childhood hometown in upstate New York and journey to the friend’s house in Pensacola, Florida. Together they will try to devise a plan for Noel’s future. Fate steps in when a blinding rainstorm causes her to miss a turn, leading her to an unlikely place, and an uncertain destiny.

Brought low by circumstances and struggling to make ends meet, she takes shelter in the least desirable location and accepts a graveyard-shift job. The last thing Noel is looking for is romance, but a chance meeting with a handsome, young lawyer named Liam Grant makes her reconsider. Could she accept his dinner invitations and make it through the Christmas holiday without revealing her destitute condition?


He’s spent the past ten years trying to make it big as a country music star. Can he figure out what’s really important before it’s too late?

Fiona O’Keefe is grateful to be living in her hometown of Feather Star Bay, where the people are friendly (mostly), her café is taking off (finally), and she’s raising her two energetic nine-year-old twins (determinedly). It also has the advantage of being hundreds of miles away from Nashville where she left her ex-husband in the same rut he was in when they were married—working the bars and hoping to get a recording contract someday. If she never sees him again, it’ll be too soon.

Jake Wiley has received a mysterious letter from an anonymous sender, asking him to come home to Feather Star Bay and take care of his family. Thinking his grandmother needs help, he does just that, hoping he’ll only be gone for a few weeks. Avoiding his ex-wife, Fiona, is high on his list of things to do while he’s there (absolutely), but Jake is unprepared when he comes face to face with the timeless beauty for the first time again (undeniably) and is thrown off guard by the nine-year-old secret she’s been keeping (totally). Trying to make sense of the tornado he’s landed himself in, he does the only thing that feels right—confronting Fiona about what happened and trying to get to know his children. But Fiona isn’t talking.

Jake might have to change his game plan. If he wants a chance to bond with his kids, he’s going to have to break through Fiona’s barriers—one kiss at a time. Will they be able to mend their hearts and family?


They didn’t meet until after the wedding day.

Carter McLain has finally accomplished the success he was striving for when he moved to the frontier a decade ago. All that’s missing is a wife to share it with. Having no desire to leave his land, he requests a friend back home to arrange a proxy marriage for him. When his bride seems too good to be true, Carter wonders if he did the right thing.

The highly publicized deaths of Ella St. Clair’s parents cause her to lose everything. Left destitute, alone, and friendless, she grudgingly accepts the offer of marriage by proxy to a man she has never met. The long trip West leaves her plenty of time for second thoughts.

What does the future hold for these legally bound strangers? Can they get past their secrets to find happiness?

This is a sweet, wholesome historical romance featuring a smart, strong heroine and the brooding hero who steals her heart. Download today and get ready to fall in love .

A Wife for Carter was previously published as A Bride for Carter.


A hula dancer—seriously? And blonde to boot! 

Why did someone send JT Kirkwood a hula dancer ornament? This was July, not even close to December and the season for a Christmas tree. The note promised that the dancer was real and waiting for him. No matter how ridiculous this seemed, JT looked at the ornament and felt compelled to find the woman mentioned in the note. Too bad his father’s accident prevents him from looking.

A luau—seriously? With their town of Oak Grove hit by layoffs, why did Bonnie Miller’s mother insist that they throw a city-wide party at the small strip mall that housed Bonnie’s restaurant. Still, her mother had fantastic insight into what the public wanted, so Bonnie went along with it. She even danced the hula for the crowd, and saw the man of her dreams watching.

Serenaded by Elvis, this couple easily falls in love. But is love at first sight enough to overcome the distance that separates the couple when JT has to return to his job in another town far from Oak Grove? He loves his home and job, but Bonnie is fiercely loyal to hers as well. 

Mrs. Claus is discovering that not even the magic of a compelling ornament or the lyrical sounds of Elvis will be enough to bring about this couple’s happily ever. Which one will compromise? Will each say Aloha–meaning goodbye?


In 1870, Hazel Lynn Morgan was a girl right on the verge of becoming a woman. She lives in a small town on a farm in Ohio, where nothing new or exciting ever happens. She has survived this long by reading books about exotic places and using her imagination, or what her Ma has termed, her “Magical Thinking.” 

Will a simple mail order bride ad placed by a cattle rancher in Texas named Heath Key change Hazel’s life for the better? Or will the secret that Heath is hiding threaten to ruin both of their lives? Will the man who has been by Heath’s side as his best friend since childhood bring them closer or come between them in the end?


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