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A haunting guilt. A family to save. A love that can’t be.

When Emma Daniels’ well-to-do family finds itself destitute, she answers an ad for the Gilbert Company seeking young women to be waitresses at hotel restaurants along remote railroad lines out west. The rules for a Gilbert Girl are strict: work hard, act respectably at all times, and no courting allowed. None of them present a problem for Emma, at least until she meets the hotel’s builder, Monroe Hartley. His smile and teasing manner were the last things Emma expected to find on the Colorado frontier. But as intriguing as he is, Emma would be risking her job – and her family’s lives – if she allowed his attentions.

Building this hotel for the Gilbert Company is the perfect opportunity for Monroe. Not only will it advance his career, it barely gives him a moment to drown in guilt over his wife’s death. When Emma arrives, he finds himself drawn to her. But he can’t promise her anything, not unless he wants her to end up with the same fate his wife suffered.

Giving in to their feelings would mean losing everything, yet they find themselves growing closer as the summer stretches on. When a man who covets Monroe’s job discovers their secret and threatens to reveal it, they must each decide whether their love is worth uprooting everything they’ve worked so hard for.


Will her lies be her demise?

Grace Sinclair is in trouble. When her adopted sister, Faith, is forced to defend her honor against an over-ardent saloon patron, she shoots him in self-defense. But who is going to believe four orphaned females living and working in a saloon are innocent of anything. Grace is convinced that the only chance of saving them all is to leave town in hopes the law will think her guilty and hold the other three girls harmless. A friend suggests a ruse of leaving town as a mail-order bride and that plan worked like a charm. Unfortunately for everyone concerned, the plan worked a little too well.

John Malone didn’t send for a mail-order bride, but somehow he found himself wed to one. Grace is a feisty city woman who showed up out of nowhere with a written marriage proposal signed by him. He tries to explain he didn’t send for a bride and that wasn’t his signature, but no one believes him. Now, one of Creede’s prominent attorneys is forcing him to keep a promise he didn’t make, and when his new bride is arrested for murder, he’s in jeopardy of losing his reputation and his ability to make an honest living. He has a decision to make, but will his heart let him?

Before this is over, it will take all of Grace’s courage and all of John’s faith to overcome the secrets, lies, and betrayals standing between them and their chance at happiness, but will it be enough?


Wholesome Christian Romance

When Cameron Frierson was eight-years-old, he had a vision about a well containing the living water. Since then, he has wondered what that dream meant and how it plays a role in his life and his purpose from God.

Now Cameron is a college student going on his first missionary trip to Peru. At first, the trip seems worthwhile, but things quickly take a turn when a terrible bus crash leaves him stranded in the Peruvian wilds.
Stuck in a foreign land, surrounded by strange people, Cameron finds his faith and his grit being tested. But after a series of events, he begins to believe that maybe he isn’t stuck at all. Maybe Peru was part of God’s plan all along. Besides, if it weren’t for the bus crash, Cameron wouldn’t have met the beautiful woman named Saloso, a member of the Sand Ribbon Tribe and the person who rescued him from the bus accident.

As Saloso nurses Cameron back to life, he starts to wonder if there is a connection between his childhood vision and the people of the Sand Ribbon. Was he brought to Peru to bring them the living water? Or do the indigenous Peruvians have living water to offer him?


All she needs is a Christmas miracle so she can win back her St. Nick…

Ellie Briggs and Nick Harrington went their separate ways a few years ago when her career pulled her in a different direction to his. She made a choice to leave while he stayed in the Caribbean to build his life. Now a social media diva in New York, she finds herself questioning her actions.

After her current relationship tumbles around her ears, Ellie heads back to St Kitts for Christmas. Catching up with old friend Leigh George is just what’s needed, and maybe another chance with Nick. With a little sprinkle of the George sisters’ magic, and some help from the locals, will Ellie and Nick find a way to try again?

Second Chance for Christmas is a Sweet Romantic Comedy novella filled with tummy-tingling chemistry and complete with holiday nostalgia…on a tropical island. You’ll laugh out loud as you fall in love!


Will Erin and Jason find their “forever homes” in each other’s hearts?

As the director of PAWS, the “Pearson Animal Welfare Society,” Erin Pearson stays busy helping stray and surrendered pets find the “forever homes” they deserve. The small-town animal shelter was the life’s work of her beloved grandmother, but when a million-dollar donation to a new building project is embezzled, Erin fears the scandal will be the end of PAWS.

The drive up from San Antonio to the beautiful Texas Hill County to adopt a dog for his daughter is nothing more than an inconvenience for financial advisor and single dad, Jason Blaine. That is, until he meets the lovely director of PAWS. When Erin later asks for his help in tracking down the consultant who made off with the donation, Jason couldn’t say no even if he wanted to. Erin is warm and approachable… everything his late wife wasn’t. But Jason knows his wealthy in-laws won’t hesitate to sue for custody of their granddaughter if he starts dating again and not devoting every spare minute to being a dad.

Will Erin and Jason track down the missing million in time to save PAWS and her family’s good name? Caught between the fear of losing his little girl and the hope of a promising new romance, will Jason allow Erin to rescue him, too, even though he only has two legs instead of four?


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