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Crooked Arrow Ranch was designed to be a safe haven for the wounded when they return from war.
Sam Marley should know, he’d been there for almost two years, and he was finally beginning to feel warm and safe.

But when the pretty new dog trainer shows up expecting a service dog to be the answer to his problems, more than the love of a good woman will be needed to heal his wounds. This Army Ranger is going to have to learn how to lean on God in order to move forward. But with only one good arm, will he find the strength to trust?

Nelly Wilson decided to move her business to Frenchtown, Montana. All she wanted to do was help wounded veterans heal. But what she found might just have her turning tail and running.

As Nelly and Sam work together to clean up the “dump” that her ranch is, they get closer and closer.

Who in their right minds would kill a black bear and leave its carcass inside a ranch?

But when her ex shows up offering to support her new business if she’d only come home, will she choose him over a wounded vet?

Can a curmudgeonly Army veteran with only one arm let himself be loved? Will the pretty dog trainer get past his gruff exterior? Can they both work together to get past their fears and discover a happily-ever-after?


From the author of the Fields of Timothy series…

In 1948, Western North Carolina, Corinth Mayer is counting down the weeks until her wedding. But she can’t stop the nagging feeling her fiancé isn’t nearly as excited. She knows he longs for more than the simple life they have in Revival Cove, constantly talking about the excitement they could have if they moved to a big city.

It doesn’t help that most people don’t think she’s good enough for him. The fact her family is considered ‘trash’ doesn’t escape her. Even though she and Momma are God-fearing, church-goers, her daddy and brothers are moonshiners, and their illegal business is no secret in Revival Cove.

As the summer passes, troubles much worse than a hesitant groom plague the Mayer family. They must learn to lean on each other and trust the Lord, strengthening both bonds, to face the trials of life and come out on the winning side.


Rosalind accepts the challenge to stay all night in the earl’s haunted castle. Meanwhile, Sofie is sent across the countryside to meet her betrothed, a man she has never met. In another tale, Evelyn falls in love with an unlikely gentleman. Tavish runs late for the wedding, but Simon wins a prize. Henri meets a man of mystery while Maria meets the perfect man.

This anthology features eighteen works of short fiction: fourteen fan favorites by Paullett Golden, as included in the Romantic Encounters series, and four stories from guest authors, winners of the short fiction writing contest. Within these pages, you will enjoy the brevity and tease of romance at its peak.


Fake Identity at Stake is a whirlwind boy-meets-girl romp, only the girl isn’t who she says she is, and the boy has no idea. Add in mobsters, FBI agents, clueless friends, slobbering dogs, and chickens, and you have a classic Lisa Renee rom com full of the kinds of unexpected moments and witty dialogue that keeps you laughing and wondering what in the world is going to happen next. Great fun from start to finish!

“Lisa Renee has done it again! A stellar read complete with boxer shorts, an unruly chicken-eating Great Dane and a fake identity at stake, this rom-com is sure to tickle your funny bone! Five stars!” Naomi Craig, Author of Rahab’s Courage.First in the small town Christian romcom series set in Clear Creek County.
If you enjoy enemies to lovers tropes or mistaken identity, download your copy today.


Losing her dreams may mean finding herself.

Competitive figure skater Addisyn Miles has been running her whole life—both from her overprotective sister Avery and toward her dream of competing in the Olympics. Despite the compromises she’s made along the way, her future has never looked brighter—until a single moment shatters not only her dearest hopes but also her relationship with the man for whom she sacrificed her principles. In search of answers, Addisyn escapes to Whistler, Canada, where she meets Darius Payne, a lonely man with a crushing secret. But when Darius’s past threatens their relationship and Addisyn receives an unexpected invitation to return to the world she left behind, they’re both confronted by the truth they may not be brave enough to face. 

Meanwhile, heartbroken by her younger sister’s rejection, Avery Miles has uprooted her life and relocated to Estes Park, Colorado. There, she seeks to bury her painful memories in the peace of the mountains—and the love of the God Who made them. She’s struggled to erase Addisyn from her thoughts entirely, but then she comes face-to-face with an unwelcome bit of her past—someone who poses the ultimate threat to Addisyn. Haunted by her own darkest fears, Avery must summon the courage to love her sister again—and find her before the clock runs out.


While preparing for a cattle drive, Michael is stunned to find an unexpected fiancée on his doorstep, claiming that he proposed marriage to her!

Deciding to trust in God, the pair are wed in spite of the unexpected circumstances that brought them together, and then Meredith insists on heading out on the cattle drive with her new husband.

Can They’re barely beginning to get to know one relationship hold strong when danger strikes?

Can their faith in God and in one another to survive and give their brand-new love a fighting chance?


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