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I met Roy at fourteen and with the toss of a coin that summer night, I dialed in the love of my life. We wasted years until we found the answer to our hearts’ longing in Jesus.

On the evening of our baptism, Roy suggested our family of four venture on his dream vacation to Alaska. Although reluctant to traverse the country, I was determined to enjoy the much needed family time.

When an invitation to work at an iconic Alaskan roadhouse forced the trajectory of our summer in an unexpected direction, my tight grip on our familiar Michigan life started to slip.

Will this quest for an Alaskan adventure be worth the sacrifice for us all? 

Will my new faith in Christ withstand the storms of change and awaken the transformation I didn’t know I needed or will I crumble under the leaden weight of my husband’s dreams? 

The Alaskan Women of Caliber Series unfolds a fictional tapestry based on true, pivotal stories of rebirth, escape, love, sacrifice, and discovery. The visceral backdrop of the arctic impacts women and draws them to its Creator. Follow these women and the heartbeat of their high caliber life events.


When Holly Christenson’s husband is killed on his family’s farmstead, his siblings—especially the second eldest who is now in control—heartlessly casts her from their midst.

She takes a train to Denver and moves into the Broad Street Boarding House. With help from the Cartwright sisters and Cane, an obliging gentleman next door, she lands a teaching job. The holidays are upon them, and while helping Cane Givens at the Mission House and overseeing the Christmas play, sparks fly between the young couple.

A mysterious and unwelcome visit from her brother-in-law, Trip Christenson, and his reluctance to leave Denver is unsettling and suspicious. Join Holly, Cane, and the Cartwright sisters as they attempt to unravel Trip’s motivation before someone gets killed.

Holly’s Hallmark is a tribute to those special qualities that others see in us. This is a story of forgiveness, redemption, a homeless mission house, and faith that God will have His way in bringing love and security to those who trust in Him.


Her ex wants her back, but he’s a country rock star now. Can Roxy trust that his feelings are real and not just lyrics in a song? 

The night Tag confessed his love for Roxy and begged her to come with him to Nashville, she sent him packing. She wanted him to fulfill his dream, but the romantic songs and declarations of undying love? It couldn’t possibly be real.

Eight years later, the quaint town of Little River is abuzz. Famous country rock star Tag Turner is back. They don’t know he’s determined to win over his high school crush and bring her back with him once and for all. But Roxy loves her quiet, country life on her family’s ranch—a life that doesn’t have room for someone who can’t buy coffee without national media attention.

Not ready to give up, Tag stays in Little River to work on his next album and convince the woman he loves to give him a chance. Can Roxy ever trust that his feelings are real . . . and not just lyrics in a song?

A second chance sweet romance set in the small town of Little River! 


A soiled dove at rock bottom. A mountain man broken and lonely. Can an unexpected encounter be their second chance at love?

Jo Bradford never thought she’d end up a fallen woman in a mining-town brothel.

But after running away from a family who love her and falling into the clutches of a sinister outlaw, Jo found herself left with a devastating choice between starvation and prostitution. After a brutal attack leaves her with an ugly scar, she’s cast out of the Parlor House, her only sanctuary from the outlaw gang she escaped from.

Gideon Cross blames himself for his pa’s disappearance.

When he decided to search for his father, he left Jo behind with hopes of returning for her. News arrived that she was missing, and Gideon was left broken-hearted. After years of grieving, he is finally ready to move on and start the family he’s always wanted, even if it isn’t with Jo.

When a twist of fate brings Jo and Gideon face to face again, can the grace of God mend their broken pieces and lead them to reclaim love or will their past failures be too much to overcome?

This gripping saga, full of heart-pounding adventure, will take you on an emotional journey of love and redemption in the majestic Rocky Mountains.


She’s chased her dream all the way to Alaska. Her oh-so-gorgeous but grumpy neighbor might try to stop her.

Jemma inherits a house in small town Palmer, Alaska, quits her job in Georgia, and moves there. She starts her dream business in her garage—flipping furniture and selling it.

Nathaniel’s peace and quiet is shattered when the woman across the street drills and saws. Sure, she’s nice and perhaps attractive, but he doesn’t want anyone close to his heart.

Then he keeps helping her, even though he can’t figure out why.

With only the short Alaskan summer for her business to take off, Jemma is driven to succeed before she runs out of money.

If only she weren’t distracted by Nathaniel.

When a stray puppy enters their lives, they may have to figure out a way to work together.

But helping each other won’t lead to love, right? Maybe it will.


Come & join us in beautiful Penworth Bay, Cornwall

Volunteer at The Cornish Bay Bakery in exchange for a cozy room

with views across the bay, new friends, and the chance to explore the magical Cornish coast.

In need of a change to your pace of life?

Want to escape the pressures of work?

Then contact Elsie today!

When Daisy Green answers Elsie’s advert, she’s in need of a break. A break from her job, a break from her flatmate, a break from her bridezilla of a sister, Anne, and the chance to put as much distance between her and her cheating ex as possible.

Turning up in Penworth Bay, Daisy is quickly welcomed into the close-knit community with open arms, and with the sun shining she’s looking forward to being able to leave the drama of everyday life behind her.

When Elsie calls upon her to help Ollie in his quest to finalize his sister’s wedding plans, Daisy reluctantly agrees.

Between choosing food for the wedding breakfast, deciding between roses and lilies, and checking in on guests, a spark begins to grow between them. Or so Daisy hopes.

Just as she dares to believe in true love, her ex turns up and flips her world upside down.

Is Daisy brave enough to make a decision that will change her life forever? Will one fateful night lead to a rekindled romance or tragedy?

Packed full of sunshine, romance and friendship escape to Sunshine at the Cornish Bakery and travel to Cornwall to charming Penworth Bay…


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