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Breaking down in a nowhere town called Providence wasn’t part of the plan.

When her life falls apart in a matter of a few hours, all single mother Amy Lawson wants is a fresh start. She doesn’t expect to break down and find herself at the mercy of strangers. If securing a safe place for her and her daughter to stay means accepting the help of the brooding mechanic, then she’ll do it, despite the mysteries surrounding him.

Widower and grieving father, Ben Young, avoids people, but he’s driven to help Amy—for her daughter’s sake. There’s something about Amy that draws him in, and when his cousins show interest in her, he fears he might miss out on another chance at love if he can’t find a way to move on.

Just when a relationship begins to form between Ben and Amy, she discovers she holds the key to what happened to Ben’s family. But will her search for answers cost her everything?

Winner of the 2019 Golden Rose Contemporary Romance Contest.


When she left town to chase her dreams, she crushed his.

Robert Winters is a small-town sheriff who is acutely aware of his role as the third wheel. He can’t let go of the past, no matter how hard he tries. He’s only been going through the motions for the last five years since his almost fiancé left their small town to chase her dreams.

Jessie Sorenson Pendleton takes a broken heart to New York City, knowing she’ll never love like that again. Affection for an attractive man is the best she could hope for. Unfortunately, the charismatic and persistent investment broker who sweeps her off her feet turns out to be controlling and abusive. Now, Jessie is back, running from the abusive husband who vowed to kill her if she ever left.

Robert has promised to protect her and her secrets, but he isn’t sure he can do so without falling in love with her all over again. And when Jessie’s husband turns out to be more persistent than Robert expected, both of their lives are in danger.

(Content Warning: Although this is a Christian Mystery, victims of domestic violence may find some scenes in this book disturbing.)


The Earl of Castleford believes he’s found the love of his life. Georgiana Merry is searching for a romantic hero nothing like the reserved Earl. How can he capture her heart before the intriguing Sir James steals it away?

Repelled by his father’s unfaithfulness, Lord Castleford has locked away his feelings, saving them for one woman alone. He does not expect her to be the impulsive Miss Merry, the reckless young lady whose elopement he once foiled.

Georgiana Merry tends to act on her feelings with no thought to the consequences. She goes to London looking for romantic love, but all she finds is friendship with the philanthropic Lord Castleford.

The appearance of the fascinating Sir James seems like the answer to her dreams.

But Georgiana has been misled by her feelings before. Afraid of making another mistake, she takes counsel from the mysterious Sylph – her self-appointed guardian who sends her anonymous letters.

Can the Sylph help her discover where her heart truly lies before she makes another decision she might regret?


He’ll help her find her missing brother before Christmas. But can she trust him?

Starla Logan’s brother disappeared three years ago. With no family left, she receives a surprise letter from him. Zachary is in trouble in Denver and needs help. She leaves immediately and arrives at the Broad Street Boarding House just before Christmas. She’ll find Zachary, no matter how long it takes. But when the handsome man staying at the boarding house next door offers to help, she gladly takes him up on his offer.

Wyatt Dawson is being paid to find Zachary Logan, and Starla is his best option to make sure the job is done. But the more he works with her, the more he’s convinced that Zachary is innocent of the crime for which he’s accused. And the more time he spends with Starla, the more he loses his heart to her.

Telling Starla the truth would put her life in danger, but keeping his secret will destroy their budding relationship. Finding Zachary means the truth will emerge one way or another–if they can survive the men bent on seeing Zachary pay for the crime he didn’t commit.


“Brandy, I caution you. Get hold of your temper. Don’t do anything you’ll regret.”

Whiskey heiress Brandy Dardanelle has been abandoned at the altar.

Seething from the sting to her family honor, she follows the lickspittle’s trail to Denver. However, she doesn’t even have time to unpack when she sees the errant ex-fiancé getting on another train. Afraid of losing her prey, Brandy brashly jumps aboard too.

Successful rancher Samuel Elliott, Jr., returning home after negotiating the cattle deal of a lifetime, must now convince his neighbors he’s wise enough and mature enough to handle the details. 

When the pretty but sassy heiress confronts Sam on the platform, their wildly confusing argument blindsides him. Worse, Tess Hartford storms up, demanding Sam’s proposal. Again. In a desperate move to free himself of the lovesick girl, he announces his engagement to Brandy. The news streaks through the valley like lightning, backing Sam into a corner.

Would Brandy be willing to stay long enough to help him bluff his way through a fake romance?

Sam just needs her for a few days…


She’s trading her high heels for cowgirl boots.
And maybe, her cheating ex for a handsome man in a cowboy hat.

Jenny Stratton was expecting a proposal – the finishing touch on the perfect life she’d built as a successful big-city realtor. When she catches her boyfriend kissing another woman in the soup aisle instead of down on one knee, she retreats to her grandmother’s ranch in the hills of Montana.

Hank Miner is a hard-working ranch hand with no time for distractions. When Jo Jo’s granddaughter shows up, he can’t get too close. Despite her beauty and bravery, the last thing he needs is another high-maintenance woman who doesn’t understand life on the ranch. Or worse, one looking for a quick payday from the elderly ranch owner.

High heels and scuffed boots collide when Jenny and Hank are forced to work together at the beautiful Rosecrown Ranch, and they soon find themselves blurring the line between coworkers and more.

When unexpected circumstances pull Jenny between the job she loves and the allure of the ranch, she will have to decide between the dreams she built and new dreams she is still discovering.

Home might be where the heart is but is that the city Jenny left behind? Or the ranch—and ranch hand—she has come to love?


Zarayah Mello knows the love she dreams of is doomed from the start… 
But the heart wants what the heart wants.

Thirteen-year-old Zarayah Mello knew she loved fellow karate class student Zaire from the moment she laid eyes on him. She also knew that her parents, siblings, and even her beliefs would never accept her love for him. But after she turns fifteen, they cross paths more and more and form a friendship, her improper love for him only grows.

Torn apart by life and circumstance, she’s brokenhearted. Until she turns eighteen and he comes back into her life, sweeps her off her feet, and makes secret plans to propose to her on graduation day. But Zarayah doesn’t know that Zaire is hiding a secret from her—the kind of secret that rips solid marriages apart, never mind their budding love. Besides, will anyone forgive her for falling for her older brothers’ friend? And will she still love him when she learns the truth he’s been hiding from her?


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