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Left at the orphanage by her dying mother when she was only nine years old, the only thing Lily Prescott knew about her birth father came from a slip of paper with his name and the town he lived in—Lone Hollow—etched on it in ink. A piece of paper she held in a locked box underneath her bed and a piece of paper that held all her hope that one day she would get to meet him. When Miss Whittaker, the orphanage’s headmaster, receives word from the wealthy owner of the sawmill in Lone Hollow wanting to place an advertisement for a mail-order bride for his son, she knows just who to send to marry the lad. The young woman she’s known for years and who has grown into a lovely lady and the young woman she knows is trying to get to the small town to find her father.

Roderick Townsend wanted to marry only one woman. But after an accident leaves him looking different than before, Emily Sanderson breaks off their courtship and breaks his heart. With his hopes to propose to the woman he loved dashed, he is less than thrilled when another young woman whom his father sent for shows up at his door as his new intended. As is his mother, who has plans of her own on how to get rid of the young blonde, she doesn’t think is good enough for her son.

What will happen when sparks start flying between Roderick and Lily? Will his mother get her way in the end? And will Lily ever find the father she’s been searching for? Or will there be nothing but a string of shattered hearts throughout the tiny town of Lone Hollow?



Three Amish best friends. Three hurting hearts. One quilt that binds them together.

Widowed a year ago and left with two small and energetic boys, Amelia Beiler is struggling to make ends meet. She is running her late husband’s business, but it’s not what she was raised to do, which is run a home and find joy in teaching her boys about God’s love. When she puts the business up for sale and gets an offer from an Englisch buyer as well as from one in the church, she unwittingly causes a furor in the Amish community. On top of that, another Amish man, Eli Fischer, wants more than just the shop–he’s offering Amelia his heart, too.

But her own heart is torn. When she goes to the doctor about her struggle with strange physical symptoms, he tells her it’s multiple sclerosis. She’s doing her best not to question God’s will, but it’s all too much. If she pursues the treatment she believes in, she risks going under the Bann. But how can she allow Eli to court her when she can’t promise him a future?



Can Andrews forgive Emma for breaking his heart ten years ago?

Dr. Preston Andrews is thrilled with how well his new cardiology department is doing at Alpine Hospital, despite how chaotic it has gotten. He knows his patients are cranky about the long wait times, but it isn’t until one of them donates a large chunk of cash, specifically asking Andrews to fix the problems in the office, does he realize just how much of an issue it is.

Andrews wants to use the money on bonuses for his hard-working employees, but the dean of medicine insists it go toward hiring a new person. Much to Andrews’ surprise, the dean has already chosen someone—a woman still in medical school. Despite Andrews’ skepticism that a student doctor will ease any loads, he agrees to move forward with the plan. When she shows up, though, she’s the last person he expected to see.

Emma Thomas broke off her engagement to Andrews years earlier when a better offer came along. Life didn’t go as expected, though, and she’s finally returning home to Alpine, starving, desperate for work, and hoping Andrews will forgive her enough to keep her on. She’s determined to show him she’s changed, but romance is the last thing on her mind when she can’t even afford to feed herself.

Will Andrews and Emma set aside the past and give their future a chance? Find out by grabbing your copy of Romancing Dr. Andrews, a sweet contemporary romance.



Solon of Pergamon, healer of the great entertainment-warriors of a glittering age, turns detective when a cherished acquaintance is murdered. Torn between his growing love for a beguiling student and a dark secret that threatens imperial power, he must find a route into the human heart to uncover the truth. Classic storytelling in an unforgettable setting.



A barmaid searching for purpose, a youth pastor searching for love

Since leaving home at the age of seventeen, Amelia Anderson has wandered from town to town, city to city, looking for meaning and purpose. Due to her upbringing and experience, the only jobs she lands are in sleazy bars where inappropriate remarks and unsolicited invitations from the male patrons are everyday occurrences.

When she arrives in the small town of Water’s Edge, she’s had enough.

After fleeing the bar one evening, she meets a kindly, grey-haired woman who invites her to church.

With nothing to lose other than her job, she agrees to go.

Lucas Kelley hasn’t always been the squeaky-clean Youth Pastor at Water’s Edge Community Church, but he now walks in the freedom that comes with having his sins forgiven. Passion to help the local youth stay firm in the Lord and not stray into trouble as he did burns strong inside him.

But something, or someone, is missing from his life. Someone special. Someone to share his passion with.

He’s trusting God to bring the right person into his life at the right time, but he longs for that day to come.

When he meets the attractive ex-barmaid his good friend Charlotte brought to church one evening, his heart quickens. Could she be the one?



An internationally famous photographer, Tucker Mason has traveled the world, capturing things other people don’t see. But what Tucker can’t see is how to let go of his traumatic childhood and forgive his father.

On a sprawling Southern estate, Tucker and his younger brother, Mutt, were raised by their housekeeper, Miss Ella Rain, who loved the motherless boys like her own. Hiring her to take care of Waverly Hall and the boys was the only good thing their abusive and alcoholic father ever did.

When his brother escapes from a mental hospital and an old girlfriend appears with her son and a black eye, Tucker is forced to return home and face the agony of his tragic past.

Though Miss Ella has been gone for many years, Tucker can still hear her voice—and her prayers. “Life is a battle, but you can’t fight it with your fists. You got to fight it with your heart.” But finding peace and starting anew will take a measure of grace that Tucker scarcely believes in.

Wrapped in Rain follows Tucker’s journey from brokenness to healing through the everlasting power of love.



Published by Angela Christina Archer

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! So who am I? Well, it’s quite simple actually. I’m a history-lovin’ author who writes in her fuzzy pants and loves her cats and her horses. My stories have a pinch of sweetness, a dash of spice, and a dollop of history.

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