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Unexpectedly a governess to a girl who can’t speak…can she find a way forward?

Informed by her brother that she is now a governess so that she will not have to trouble him any longer, Miss Judith Newfield is left entirely alone, lost in a new role where she has no experience and very little confidence. The little girl she is to care for is frightened and almost completely silent, looking up at her with fearful eyes. With demands coming from the marquess that she make the child speak, Judith is forced to be bold despite her own fears. Will her courage and outspokenness force the marquess to reconsider his behavior? Or will he decide to end her employment and throw her back into the control of her brother?

David, the Marquess of Turton, is struggling with the expectations his betrothed is placing upon him. Becoming a little afraid that he might have been a little too hasty in his engagement, he is additionally frustrated at the addition of his daughter returning to his house – especially when she will not speak to him! Aggravated, he demands great things of his new governess, never expecting her to respond with harsh words of her own! Seeing the change in his daughter but disliking the governess’ ways, David fights against the urge to remove her from her position.

When a secret revealed threatens to pull him apart, it is up to Judith to find a way forward – and for David to decide just how much he too might need the governess.



What do you do when the boy next door is the only man you’ve ever loved?

Six years ago Jason had life all mapped out. He and Molly would get married, start a family, and he’d open a veterinary practice. But Molly bolted, leaving him with a broken heart and an unwanted engagement ring.

Six years have passed since Molly made the difficult choice to follow her dreams. Now, thanks to a family emergency, she’s come home only to discover her college sweetheart living next door. And he’s as irresistible as ever.

Old sparks reignite, and it isn’t long before the two are lovers again. He still holds her heart, but Molly has a life to return to and commitments to honor. Can Jason convince her to give them another chance? Or will she break his heart a second time?



These opposites don’t just clash, they collide head-on. 

After her first husband’s tragic death, Alex Blackwood is reluctant to let another man into her life. As mayor of Eden Falls, a business owner, and the mother of six-year-old Charlie, she doesn’t have time to coddle a self-absorbed author, who’s only in town for the summer.

Best-selling author Colton McCreed is in Eden Falls to study small-town life for his next murder mystery. As his research draws him into the community, he becomes entwined with the mayor and her cheerful son. Colton’s loveless childhood left him believing he’s immune to love, but Alex and Charlie have a pull on him he’s never felt before.

Impromptu dinner invitations throw Colton and Alex into a world of discovery, shattering her image of Mr. Right and his belief that love is out of reach.



When two introverts collide…

Nolan Ramsey thinks he wants to be alone.
He leaves his life in the city, leaves his job as a news reporter, and buys a house in the middle of nowhere. He plans a life of complete isolation with just his dog, Scuba, for company.

Calinda Willow returns home to help her aging father at the end of his life. She copes with the loss by throwing herself into her work, rejects social invitations from her friend, Jackie, and thinks she is content with her solitary life.

They are both wrong.



He’s looking for an adventure. She’s hoping to mend a broken heart. At a beach resort in paradise, anything is possible. 

Beth just called off her wedding and lost the life, and the man, she thought she’d always wanted. When she decides to escape to a Caribbean resort alone to heal her shattered heart, the last thing she expects is to meet someone new. Can she let go of her pain and open herself up to romance?

Trent is content traveling alone. He enjoys meeting new people and doesn’t mind the solitude. After he meets Beth, the sweet girl with sad eyes, he makes it his mission to help her. He knows he is everything her ex is not but is her fragile heart ready to love again?

As Beth and Trent begin to fall for one another, they must decide if their sweet beach romance can last or if their adventure together will end with their vacation.



She’s an event coordinator in the midst of a messy divorce. He’s a grumpy contractor who swore off love a long time ago. When she hires him to fix up her house, the one thing neither of them counts on is fixing each other’s broken hearts…

Reese Welsh has never forgotten his childhood best friend’s twin sister, Skye. But reuniting ten years later when he accepts a contracting job on the house she and her soon-to-be-ex-husband are selling, there’s no sign of the playful, fun-loving girl he used to know.

Which is good, because despite the way his heart races when she smiles at him, and how cute her kids are, he doesn’t believe in love anymore.

Skye Logan is adrift in her life after a decade of playing the perfect wife to a controlling narcissist who eventually traded her in for a younger model. Now with two kids, no job, and no assets, she’s ready to rebuild her life from the ground up, starting with the sale of her matrimonial home.

Reuniting with and falling for her handsome childhood friend is not part of that plan.

When Skye’s ex interferes with the sale and tries to tear her away from her kids, Reese is the only person left she can turn to for help. But as they rekindle a reluctant friendship that blossoms into something more, Reese’s interest in the house turns suspect. Was his reappearance in her life truly a coincidence?



Published by Angela Christina Archer

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! So who am I? Well, it’s quite simple actually. I’m a history-lovin’ author who writes in her fuzzy pants and loves her cats and her horses. My stories have a pinch of sweetness, a dash of spice, and a dollop of history.

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