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Dustin, a single father whose wife left him for another man, is ready to give love a second chance with Katrina, a kind and genuine woman who steals his heart and his daughter Julia’s when he discovers she shares their love of video games. But when Katrina reveals that she just got hired to work for Digital Life, Dustin knows their chance at romance is over, because Nick, the owner, is not only his business rival, he also happens to be the man who swiped his top employee.

When Katrina started working for Digital Life, she knew Dustin would be pleasantly surprised to learn that she’d followed his same career path and that it would bring them closer together. Instead, Dustin acts like she betrayed him, which confuses and hurts her. She thought they were on the brink of becoming a couple. Nick is only his competitor, except she’s convinced there’s something more going on. Will Katrina and Dustin be able to break down the barriers that threaten their chance at true love?



They were best friends, but he wanted more. 

After an amazing date, Sabrina Wells knows she has to protect her heart or she’ll fall hard for Hunter Gaines. She asks what he wants in a relationship, and his vague answer does nothing to encourage her hopes for the future. She draws a line in the sand and tells him they can only be friends. Soon after, she starts dating someone else.

Hunter retires from his career as a cop with the LAPD to follow his dream of living off-the-grid in Alaska, and he regrets not snatching up Sabrina before she moved on with another man.

When Sabrina breaks up with her boyfriend, she decides it’s time for a visit to Alaska. She toys with the idea of sharing her true feelings with Hunter, but once the words are out there, she can never take them back. Telling him how she feels could ruin their friendship, and she’s not sure that’s worth the risk.

Hunter is willing to risk everything to be with Sabrina. But will it be enough?



He’s her brother’s grumpy best friend. She’s the one he’s never noticed…until one request changes everything.

Kim Williams needs a new start with a fresh horizon. She also needs a green thumb to help make her mom’s entry into the local yard garden competition a reality. Too bad the only landscaper in her small town is her brother’s prickly best friend—the one who has no idea she’s liked him for twelve long years.

The only thing Jake Dunn can keep alive is a plant. Besides his friend Dusty, he has no use for anyone, including God. He just wants to be left alone. When Dusty’s sister asks him for help, he turns her down flat—until he sees he needs her marketing expertise. Tulips for business tips. Fair trade, right?

Wrong. Jake can give Kim a garden. But she wants more. When Jake realizes he wants to give Kim his all, too, he’s not sure how to contend with the wall he’s cultivated around his heart from losses of the past. If keeping people out isn’t the only way to keep them safe…what is?



She’s taken herself out of the dating game. He’s the king of meaningless relationships. Will a late-night meeting change their minds about love?

Briony’s last boyfriend was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Jumping off the dating merry-go-round was a no-brainer. That decision sent shock waves through her nearest and dearest. She doesn’t expect them to understand. They’ve never walked in her shoes. They don’t know how stressful dating is when there’s a monkey on your back. It’s never been a matter of if the ax will fall, but when and what form it’ll take. A girl can only handle so much rejection before she stops believing there’s a happily-ever-after in her future.

A dozen years in the NFL made Hollis a household name. These days he’s famous for two things: turning a nearly-bankrupt regional sporting goods chain into a highly successful national brand and being a heartless playboy. The first is an indisputable fact. The second is a label that’s only as accurate as who’s being asked. Hollis never lies to women about his intentions. He makes it clear he’s not interested in walking down the aisle. Is it his fault no one believes him?



Jake Walker just wants to be left alone to do his job in peace under the rustling pecan trees.

He’s had enough of love and heart break to last him a lifetime. And he is not thrilled about his boss’ announcement to call in an outsider to “help” restore the orchard. Even if that outsider is whip-smart and comes with gorgeous green eyes.

Cress McBride knows she’s running away.

From a broken heart and a fizzling career. But it turns out that her biggest task might not be healing the ailing trees of her grandfather’s orchard. It will be cracking the tough exterior of her new co-worker, the grumpy farm manager who makes her insides melt with just one glance.

Sometimes, love drives you just a little nuts…



Published by Angela Christina Archer

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! So who am I? Well, it’s quite simple actually. I’m a history-lovin’ author who writes in her fuzzy pants and loves her cats and her horses. My stories have a pinch of sweetness, a dash of spice, and a dollop of history.

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