May 29, 2022

Kennedy Fletcher and Shayla Reese were born and raised in New Jersey. Six months after graduating from Bloomsburg University with degrees in Film & Creative Writing, the suburban raised Christian girls head out to Hollywood to live the life of their dreams as screenwriters. Kennedy, the responsible and mature one, meets Chad Lawson, a young entrepreneur who’s a Hollywood executive who works at MGM and has a first-look deal at HBO. Immediately, sparks fly, and they begin a courtship as Chad shows Kennedy the Hollywood ropes. Shayla, the spontaneous and abrasive one, falls for his cocky, rich friend, Lincoln DeSanto, who is a rising A-List actor and just landed a $5 million movie contract and a role in a killer TV series.

Kennedy is falling for Chad more and more each day. Until she meets Keith, a controlling and narcissistic lawyer, who will stop at nothing to woo her. Chad feels her pulling away, but Kennedy places too much confidence in her flesh as she struggles to decide which guy is better – the one who feeds her spirit and soul or the one who feeds her flesh and fantasies? After Shayla lands a job on Lincoln’s next movie, she finds herself drowning in his lies and the glitz and glamour of Hollywood scandals, not to mention a tragedy that leaves Shayla facing prison time. Will these two girls be able to stand on the promise they made to their parents and to God to stay true to their faith or will they end up working for the devil full-time in a world full of lust, lies and Hollywood pandemonium?



Having life experience was something Crystal could understand, but it didn’t mean she had to like it.
Challenges she faced brought her on a closer walk with God. The norm for her seemed to consist of of doctor’s visits and a long list of don’ts.

Was it so bad for her to want a normal life instead of dreaming about what it could have been like?

She had a sassiness and stubborn way about her that came across as direct. She knew life had to be lived to the fullest regardless of how she was perceived.

Along her journey she stumbled upon two friends with a little nudge of faith. Could this friendship be the bond to give her a chance to live the life she’s only dreamt about?



She had to lose everything to figure out what truly mattered…

Rachel Whitney is lost. Alone. She needs a place to heal and figure out where her life went wrong. Where she went wrong. But the emotional—and financial—scars her late husband inflicted on her complicate everything. Now, her only sanctuary is the last place she ever wanted to see again.

Sandpiper Cottage.

She’s not surprised to find the house her aunt left her in disrepair. It’s also just her luck that the only available handyman was once the boy who let his friends torment her in high school.

She can now confidently say her misery is complete.

But the good thing about rock bottom is that there’s only one place left to go. And it’s not long before she realizes it is possible to build a beautiful life for herself—maybe even a life that includes a second chance at love.

The only real question now is if that life will be at Sandpiper Cottage, or somewhere else?

Return to Sandpiper Cottage is an angsty but wholesome and enchanting Contemporary Women’s Fiction novel. Readers of all ages and backgrounds will love the empowering message at its heart.
This women’s friendship fiction book will bring you all the feels. If you love women’s fiction with a side of clean romance, this is a great fit for you.



Published by Regina Walker

I am a Jesus-girl, wife, mom, writer, sister, daughter, baker, cook, maid, teacher, farmer, and more. I am busy raising kids, and praying daily for them to be servants of Christ. I am the blessed wife of a very hard working man. We live on a small farm where we are learning more about sustainable living. We do our best to enjoy life, help others, and use the talents God gave us for His glory. Our goal is to teach our kids to do the same. I welcome all emails - you can reach me at - feel free to email me anytime, just be patient in waiting for my response!

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