March 27, 2022

In an uncertain world, she wants security for her future. He is happy to live his dreams as a humble gardener. Before their friendship can grow into more, they must confront their differences.

As the granddaughter of a baron, Helen Harcourt is accustomed to a comfortable lifestyle. Even more than that, she knows life can be very difficult for a lady when she doesn’t have the means to properly care for herself or her family. Her primary goal has always been to marry for practicality. Companionship and love are just bonuses. When she returns to her beloved country home after her first Season, she’s happy to reconnect with her good friend, the gardener’s son. Spending more time with him after failing to make a match in London forces Helen to reconsider her lifelong plans as she does something she never expected—fall in love.

Miles Corbyn has lived at the extravagant Attwood Manor all his life as the head groundskeeper’s son. His love for plants, as well as his friendship with one of the manor’s residents, encourages Miles to take up his position as assistant gardener to his father. This is his dream job and his dream life—simple and uncomplicated. Until he starts developing feelings for his employer’s granddaughter.

Try as they might, they can’t ignore the social gap between them forever. Can the roots of their love withstand the challenges they will face?

Isaac Alexander had just experienced the most vivid and stirring dream of his life. The dream, a t-shirt, and a woman he just met were all oddly connected. But the woman was gone just as quickly as she appeared, and he only came to realize she was his destiny after it was too late.

Isaac thought had no way to find her and no hope of ever reconnecting. He would need the help of a hopeless romantic to hatch the most bizarre plan if he ever wanted to see her again.

A secret baby. A fiery redhead. And a love that is forbidden. 

Brock Baker used to have it all. A gorgeous wife, a positive attitude, and a fun life on the family ranch. Now he’s divorced, moody, and grieving the life he could have had.

Then one day his ex-wife’s sister knocks on the door. He tries to make her go away, but she’s a stubborn redhead, just like his ex. And the news she brings shakes up his world.

Piper Scott has always lived in her wild older sister’s shadow. Now Madison is dead, and Piper has to clean up the loose ends of her life. Namely, Brooklyn, Madison’s two-month-old secret baby. In her heart, Piper knows the baby should be with her father. But there’s one problem: the father doesn’t know the baby exists.

When Brock hears the news and meets his daughter, he’s in shock. He bribes Piper into staying and teaching him to be a good dad. Tensions are high, and neither will admit their growing attraction to each other.

Are the feelings he’s developing for Piper real? Or is it just because she’s so much like his ex-wife…

Piper vows to herself that handsome cowboy Brock is off-limits. But her heart keeps pulling her toward him. Does she have the courage to leave Brock and little Brooklyn behind?

Can their book boyfriends lead a book club of hopeless romantics to a real happily ever after?

Abby Cameron is barely holding it together. She’s a single mom, farmhand, and a home health aide to her ailing, widowed grandfather. The last thing she needs is for her daughter to get constantly sick. At least her daughter’s pediatrician is easy on the eyes. She can’t help her growing attraction to him. After the dark past Abby’s had with her cheating ex, she’s sure she’ll never trust again. But maybe Dr. Howard will have the power to not only help her heal her daughter with his medical knowledge, but to also help Abby’s heart to mend from her painful past.

When Abby’s daughter comes down with an ear infection yet again, Dr. Matthew Howard doesn’t expect to end the appointment teamed up with Abby to compete in the town’s talent show. He’s not sure it’s the best idea since he’s so attracted to her. After all, his heart is empty after the tragic death of his fiancée from cancer. But as he spends more time with his little patient and her beautiful mother, he wonders if having a family might be in his future. He’s just not sure he can allow someone into his heart after experiencing so much loss.

Heartbreaks, new friendships and hard truths…

Forty-five-year-old Amanda lives in sunny Nantucket with her husband, Steven, and her three children. She loves her family and is content, but, deep down, her life seems bland and pointless.

As they have done every year, they are preparing to take their routine family vacation, a house swap with a family in Mexico. But when her husband abruptly and traumatically announces his departure, and leaves, inadvertently taking their passports with him, they find themselves in a dilemma. Amanda feels betrayed and completely adrift and has no idea what to do next.

But from the moment the house swap family from Mexico shows up, the atmosphere becomes a lot lighter. Brian Perkins is both handsome and kind – everything her husband isn’t. His wife has recently died, and he and Amanda are immediately aware of the attraction between them. Plus, his young son, who is struggling to accept the death of his mother, immediately strikes up a friendship with her son. Is this Destiny showing her the path, or is this just a very bad idea?

Will Amanda ever be able to remake her life without Steven?
Will Brian be able to heal from the death of his wife?

Published by Angela Christina Archer

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! So who am I? Well, it’s quite simple actually. I’m a history-lovin’ author who writes in her fuzzy pants and loves her cats and her horses. My stories have a pinch of sweetness, a dash of spice, and a dollop of history.

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