March 23, 2022

Danger is afoot. Trust no one.

Texas Ranger, Dallas Sterling, has had nothing but trouble since being entrusted with a safe full of expensive rubies. All he wants to do is deliver them to Bozeman, Montana, then return to his home in Austin, Texas. For a delivery that was to be a secret, it seemed that all the bandits in Montana knew about the gems. However, a lovely lady who continues to get in his way, is also filling his thoughts.

New Pinkerton Agent, Emma Johnson, is traveling with her partner on a case to find the stolen emeralds. From what they’ve been told, the bandits are posing as lawmen. Wanting to make a good impression as an agent, she is determined to hogtie any bandit that remotely looks like a thief disguised as a lawman, especially if he’s traveling with a safe, like the so-called handsome Texas Ranger, Dallas Sterling.

With everyone trying to steal the gems, who will save whom?

Friendship turns into young love, a nasty breakup, and maybe a second chance. Can this billionaire make his great life perfect?

Blake Murphy wants redemption. More than that, he wants a second chance.

He’d been avoiding his home town since the day he left for college. Trista Kennedy was still there and he had no idea how he’d face her after the way he’d treated her. But now he’d find out. His high school reunion was coming up.

Trista had moved on from Blake. Until she saw him at their high school reunion.

He was handsome, rich, and easy going. He’d only been boyishly good looking in high school. So much had happened in a decade.

Getting to know him as an adult is easier than she expected. But she’s not sure she can trust him.

But she felt something. Yearning. What might have been. Regret. She thought he felt it, too.

Is there a chance to mend broken relationships in the heat of a small Arizona town after a decade apart?

Jilted the day before her wedding in favor of a rich older woman, Jemma Holbrook is left in dire circumstances.

In desperation she pretends to be a boy and sneaks on board a freight train bound for Texas. Her situation becomes even grimmer on discovering the rail wagon she’s been hiding in has been shunted off the main line and left in the wilderness.

Marshall Kyle Lovitt is ambushed and left for dead by outlaws. Jemma comes to his rescue and nurses him back to health.

When Kyle discovers her gender, he insists they get married because he has compromised her.

Will Kyle only ever feel gratitude and an obligation to do the gentlemanly thing by her, or can Jemma win his love?

Published by Regina Walker

I am a Jesus-girl, wife, mom, writer, sister, daughter, baker, cook, maid, teacher, farmer, and more. I am busy raising kids, and praying daily for them to be servants of Christ. I am the blessed wife of a very hard working man. We live on a small farm where we are learning more about sustainable living. We do our best to enjoy life, help others, and use the talents God gave us for His glory. Our goal is to teach our kids to do the same. I welcome all emails - you can reach me at - feel free to email me anytime, just be patient in waiting for my response!

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