March 16, 2022

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Jessie Miller was restless to begin her own life. She loves her siblings but raising nine children practically on her own wasn’t what she had planned. She longed to travel, to see more of the world than the little small town she grew up in. Except she had no means to get out on her own. She was trapped…until she saw his ad in the matrimonial weekly.
William Atwood, son and heir to his grandfather’s extensive ranch, thought he had it all. He had money, he’d traveled at his leisure, and he had all friends a man could want…but he wasn’t expecting his grandfather’s will to say he had to marry by his 25th birthday or forfeit it all.
Desperate times meant desperate measures. Turned out his grandfather had taken matters into his own hands and placed an ad on his behalf…for a mail order bride.
He had to marry her, he had no choice. But now that she’s here on his ranch he wonders if need and desire could be one and the same…
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Despite her pretty face and winning personality, small-town waitress Kristina Rose Maher has never been kissed. Believing fairytales never happen for fat girls, she’s holed up that part of her heart. But when she needs weight loss surgery to treat her diabetes, Kristina Rose sees this as her chance to finally find a prince of her own.
Jeffrey Berkley’s life is all planned out, but Jeffrey can’t see himself following in his dad’s footsteps. Working as the diner’s cook, as much as he enjoys it, is delaying the inevitable.
But as Kristina’s absence from the diner where they both work grows longer, they’ll both find themselves questioning what—and who—they want in life. Will they learn to stand up for themselves to get their happily ever afters of their own?
Don’t miss the chance to lose your heart to Kristina Rose, Jeffrey, and the entire town of Sweet Grove in this moving saga of faith, hope, and love from a New York Times bestselling author.
*This title was previously published as Love’s Promise.
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Cammie Evans was a girl with a plan from the moment God called her to be a foreign missionary. After several years spent all over the world, though, she finds herself with a new assignment that leaves her questioning all that she once thought to be true about life, love, and calling.

David Connor was always the weird kid in the youth group, never destined to live up to his father’s expectations. After several years of working to find his own significance in Christ and his calling as a foreign missionary, he finds himself asking hard questions about who he is and what God wants from him.

As their lives change and the past becomes part of the present, can Cammie and David help one another find their own happily ever after?

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Scrap quilts, bridal gowns, and a hidden family heirloom. What more could you want in a Minnesota Christmas romance?
Penny Anderson has a dream. She’s going to be an exclusive bridal gown designer, and she won’t be held back by her dyslexia, a rural location, or the doubts of others.
Brian Michaels has waited seven years for Penny to see him as a man instead of just a childhood friend. Can he work up the courage to speak before the tall, dark and handsome business consultant sweeps her off her feet?
Great-aunt Violet chronicles the family history in a series of patchwork quilts. When an unexpected family heirloom is dug up in the farmhouse garden, her genealogical research takes an intriguing turn, shining new light on the past and future of the Anderson family.
This is book one in the Glory Quilts series, previously published as The Christmas Glory Quilt.

Published by Angela Christina Archer

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! So who am I? Well, it’s quite simple actually. I’m a history-lovin’ author who writes in her fuzzy pants and loves her cats and her horses. My stories have a pinch of sweetness, a dash of spice, and a dollop of history.

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