March 6, 2022

Can love save even the most damaged heart?

Renee Ashley has never known anything but a life of comfort and luxury. But not even wealth can protect her from an anonymous visitor leaving threats on her doorstep.

As the threats continue to escalate right along with her anxiety, Renee feels as if she has no other choice than to flee from her home, only to be washed up on a rocky shore after the fishing boat she is sailing on gets lost in a terrible storm. She wakes in the home of a handsome stranger with no memory, her name and everything about her life forgotten, except the knowledge that some lurking force is after her. Looking over her shoulder at every turn, she feels as if she can trust no one, especially not the sullen man who–with no other option–has taken her into his home until her memories return.

But even with her past still a mystery, her feelings begin to shift from fear to compassion for the reclusive man. She decides to make it her mission to peel back his barriers and save him from whatever pain he keeps so carefully locked away. But little does Renee realize that the threat towards her is getting closer, and she may very well be the one in need of saving.

The more she pushes him away, the more he’s interested….

Kenzie McMillan just landed her dream job – she’s been promoted to Head Nurse at Mercy General Hospital and assigned to prominent cardiac surgeon Dr. Trevor Loveless. However, Kenzie soon wonders if she should have been more careful what she wished for, since the young doctor has an ego the size of Seattle. If only he weren’t so good-looking….

When Kenzie discovers that someone has been dipping into the hospital’s stash of controlled substances, she’s determined to identify the culprit. But she can’t do all the detecting alone… does she dare ask Dr. Loveless for help? Will she be able to resist the attraction between them?

After serving in the Civil War as part of a Minnesota infantry regiment, Zachary feels compelled to head further west to follow the call of God tugging on his heart. He has finally completed correspondence school and earned a certificate to become a preacher. He accepts a minister’s position in the small town of Blossom in Dakota Territory, but there’s a catch. The church board requires him to become married, and a mail-order bride soon becomes the remedy.

When his bride arrives by train from Ohio along with the spring blooms, he has no idea so much trouble can exist in such a pretty package. Miss Darcy Chenowyth takes his breath away with her good looks. However, she can barely cook or clean, and finding peace and tranquility to study his sermons proves hard won, if not scarce, after her arrival.

When a small town printing press, a boy named Charlie, and the mysterious Old Man Brompton compound their challenges, Zach wonders what else could possibly go wrong.

Get your copy of this sweet, inspirational, pioneer adventure today, and begin enjoying the Wild West as it comes alive in this Christian Historical Western Romance novel by award-winning Author Lisa M. Prysock!

Audrey Whyne married the love of her life at an early age, only to lose him far too soon. Busy with her charitable Eldercare home and pony rescue, she doesn’t need any complications in her life. Her late husband left her everything she could ever need. Brand Cox has been living the high life as a big-time investor, but it all comes to a screeching halt when his world crumbles and he is convicted of shady business practices. When Brand finds himself committed to community service in his hometown of Macon, Georgia, everything will change. Reluctantly, Brand lets his uncle arrange his service requirements at a fancy old folk’s home where he meets Audrey. Will she help him uncover who set him up or will he let his anger ruin everything?

Follow the Whyne family in more adventures in the NEW Jessie Whyne Mysteries

Published by Regina Walker

I am a Jesus-girl, wife, mom, writer, sister, daughter, baker, cook, maid, teacher, farmer, and more. I am busy raising kids, and praying daily for them to be servants of Christ. I am the blessed wife of a very hard working man. We live on a small farm where we are learning more about sustainable living. We do our best to enjoy life, help others, and use the talents God gave us for His glory. Our goal is to teach our kids to do the same. I welcome all emails - you can reach me at - feel free to email me anytime, just be patient in waiting for my response!

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